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Title: 德國華人華文教育研究-以五所中文學校為例
Chinese Education of Chinese German-A Case Study of Five Chinese Schools
Authors: 信世昌
Keywords: 德國華人
Chinese German
Overseas Chinese Education
Chinese School in Germany
Digital Learning
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 兩岸三地德國華人總數據台灣僑委會統計約11萬名,台灣移民不過七千人。由台灣移民發起的德國中文學校聯合會有13所會員學校分散在德國各邦,2008年底斯圖佳中文學校成為全德第一個數位教學中心示範點。 本文第一部分記錄德國華人移民歷史及其華文教育發展,並連帶記載德國主流教育現況及華文學習情形,試圖先鋪陳描寫大時代背景、社會情境以補足過去區域華人歷史較少提及德國華人移民的情形。第二部分則以五間由台灣移民所開設的中文學校做主要研究對象,分別是柏林中文學校、漢堡華人子弟學校、萊茵台北中文學校、福爾摩沙中文學校、斯圖佳中文學校。匯集實地走訪經驗、第一手紙本資料,從家庭教育、學校經營架構和教學內容、官方與半官方提倡的數位導入教學等多重角度進行分析建議,最後提出可能適用於這五所中文學校的五項具體建議和未來發展方向、三項亟欲優先處理的議題,盼望能有益於德國華人歷史紀錄與海外華文教育研究。
According to the statistics of OCAC (Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, R.O.C.) , there are around 110,000 Chinese German in Germany, and only 7,000 immigrates are from Taiwan. Taiwanese immigrants had established 13 member schools of Chinesischer Schulverband Deutschland in Germany. In 2008, Stuttgart Chinese School became the first Chinese language digital learning school. The first part of the thesis records the immigration history of Chinese German, Chinese education development, contemporary mainstream education and Chinese learning in German. By describing the social background and context, the seldom-mentioned regional Chinese learning is represented in the essay. The second part focuses on the five Chinese schools, namely, Berlin Chinese School, Hamburg Chinese School, Rhein-Taipei Chinese School, Formosa Chinese School and Stuttgart Chinese School. According to the author’s filed surveys and first-hand documents, the final part analyses from the viewpoints of family education, school’s management structure and teaching content, and digital learning advocated by authorities and semi-authorities, providing 5 concrete recommendations of future directions and 3 priority issues for the 5 Chinese schools to benefit the history record of Chinese German and the research of overseas Chinese education.
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