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Title: 現代漢語詞類界定
Definitional Tests for Parts of Speech in Chinese
Authors: 鄧守信
Teng, Shou-Hsin
Kao, Tzu-Ching
Keywords: 詞類系統
parts of speech system
definitional tests for parts of speech
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 檢視現行普遍使用的對外漢語教科書,多沿用英語的詞類系統標誌生詞表中之詞類,而無法反映語言類型學上完全不同的漢語句法。莫衷一是的詞類系統,對學生在語言的自由生成上極易產生不良的影響。因此,本文的首要目標,便是重新審視既有的詞類系統,從理論與教學的角度觀察並挑選出能合理反映漢語詞類的架構。 確定了適切的漢語詞類框架後,如何判定某詞屬於某詞類是本文的焦點所在。儘管過去語法學界對於詞類的定義架構有了許多的探討,然而我們不滿足於單純從表面現象的描寫,更著重於深度探討有效成為詞類鑑定結構之理據。本文依照Teng(to appear)的八大詞類框架為軸心,以語義、句法、語用等層面剖析鑑識詞類之結構關係。第四章和第五章分別就動詞、名詞與介詞、連詞、副詞等從過去的界定框架中,剔除無法排除其他詞類的界定結構並找尋及建立穩固而合適之句法槽。 句法結構的建立得以協助華語教師編輯教材時對於詞類的判定有所依據,以解決過往憑藉語感或意義而無法將詞類歸屬到位的現象。希冀本文的詞類界定框架得以對於提升教學品質、增加學習成效與降低學習偏誤等方方面面有所助益。
Most TCSL textbooks currently published use the English part of speech system to classify words in Chinese, but since Chinese syntax is completely different from that ofEnglish these classifications are typically inadequate. Moreover, this practice causes confusion for learners of Chinese. The purpose of this study is to reevaluate the current system for analyzing Chinese part of speech from theoretical and pedagogical perspectives, and describe a system more appropriate for Chinese. Next, the author determines what words belong to which word classes. Although linguists have been discussing how to determine part of speech for many years, the author feels that rather than simply describing words it is necessary to discuss the reasoning behind a classification system. This paper uses Teng's (to appear) system of eight major parts of speech as its theoretical basis, and uses semantic, syntactic and pragmatic viewpoints to analyze the structural relationships of definitional tests or parts of speech. The fourth and fifth chapters use classifications from the previous system (nouns and verbs in the fourth chapter; prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs in the fifth) to create an unassailable classification system, and discover and establish stable and appropriate syntactic descriptions. The establishment of syntactic structures can provide evidence for classifying words' parts of speech Chinese teachers during the process of writing textbooks, thereby solving the problems created by over dependence on words' meaning and authors' subjective opinion. The author hopes this paper's framework for evaluating parts of speech will improve the quality and efficiency of teaching, and lessen the occurrence of errors.
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