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Title: 文化導向之中級華裔華語教材設計研究-以在台學習者為例
The research and design of culture oriented Chinese learning materials for intermediate Chinese heritage learners
Authors: 葉德明
Yeh, Tehming
Huang, Fu-Yu
Keywords: 文化
Chinese heritage learner
material design
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   近年來全球興起華語熱,其中華裔學習者為數不少,此現象可由各大華語測驗之應考者背景窺之。但是相較於第二語言學習者的相關研究,華裔學習者的教材研究為數不多。許多學者認為針對華裔學習者之教材設計,可從文化層面切入,引發學習興趣。而目前仍無相關的教材編寫原則研究,因此建立以文化為導向之中級華裔教材編寫原則之雛形乃為本研究之重點。 本研究以成長於美國、加拿大地區,18歲以上之華裔學習者為研究對象。首先蒐集相關文獻,其次通過問卷調查與訪談,了解華裔學習者之文化需求,接著整合兩者,制定文化導向之中級華裔華語教材編寫原則與範例,最後根據使用教師之意見修正教材範例。 本研究得文化導向之中級華裔華語教材編寫十項原則。1.定向原則,教材使用對象有針對性。2. 目標原則,教學目標為學習者能藉由文化知識的學習更加了解自己與中華文化。3. 特色原則,以華裔學習者感興趣的文化主題為內容,據5C準則設計。4.認知原則。5.時代原則,採用現今之研究成果編寫。6. 語體原則,兼採書面語與口語語體。7. 文化原則,文化內容為普遍的知識;文化主題為食物、態度、信念、武術、書法、茶、習俗。8. 趣味原則,內容為華裔學習者有興趣的主題;增加與主題相關的圖片。9. 實用原則,加強聽說讀寫的能力。10.立體原則,包含教材與學生練習本設計。
  Learning Chinese has become a trend in recent years; with the majority of students being Chinese heritage learners. However, related research on Chinese learning resources designed for Chinese heritages learners are limited. Many researchers believe that Chinese learning resources for Chinese heritage learners can be stimulated culturally, but resources are limited. Therefore, the purpose of the thesis is to build up the basic principle governing language learning for Chinese learning materials.   The research subjects are 18 year-old Chinese heritage learners in America and Canada. Through academic review, surveys and interviews we aim to understand learners’ needs, and create basic principles of culture oriented Chinese learning materials for intermediate Chinese heritage learners.   Following are the ten principles underlying culture oriented Chinese learning resources for intermediate Chinese heritage learners: 1. The aim of the material should be clear. 2. The goal of the material is to allow learners have a better understanding of Chinese culture. 3. The content should represent the topics that the learners are interested in, and also should be in accordance with 5C principles. 4. The content should tally with learners’ knowledge. 5. The materials should be designed based on modern research. 6. The content should include both written and spoken language. 7. The cultural subjects should include: food, attitude, belief, martial arts, calligraphy, tea, and traditional custom. 8. The content should be interesting and topic related pictures should be included for visual learning. 9. The material should improve learners’ language ability. 10. A learner’s exercise book should be included.
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