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dc.description.abstract隨著中國市場的開放及其快速發展,西班牙對華語文教學的需求日益迫切,華語文學習成為當前的風潮。目前西班牙加泰隆尼亞區學校大多以英文版的華語教材為主。使用英文版的教材常造成一些問題:第一,媒介語的問題,對母語非英文的西國學生而言,使用英文版的華語教材顯得相當不便。第二,英西文兩種語言之間有明顯的差異性,英文版的華語教材內容針對英文母語者學中文時所碰到的困難,未必跟西文母語者遇到的難點相同。第三,英文版華語教材的內容不完全符合西班牙文母語者的學習興趣與目的,以及學習者的社會文化背景。2004年以來市面上出現兩本針對西語母語者編寫的華語文初級教材,為兩所學校使用。然而以華語文與時俱增的需求來說,仍嫌不足。   本研究旨在針對西文母語者對華語學習的需求與特點,歸納出西文版的初級華語文教材編寫原則與內容,並結合相關理論與實踐的結果; 配合教學類型、課程類型、教學目的等,設計實際可用且有效的西文版初級華語教材。筆者認為在教學上使用專門針對西文母語者的初級華語教材不僅能符合學習者及教師的需求、學習環境和學習條件,且能提升教學的效果。   在經過研究及教材編寫設計之後,研究者以國立台灣師範大學國語中心(MTC)以及國立政治大學華語文教學中心(CLC)初級華語西文母語者的學生為研究對象,區分「實驗組」及「控制組」進行實際教學研究,以檢視西文版的初級華語教材設計是否能滿足學習者的需求並提升教學的效果。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWith the growth and development of China’s economy, the need for Chinese Language courses in Spain has grown significantly, studying Chinese has become more popular than ever. Currently most Chinese teaching materials used in the Autonomous Region of Catalonia are written in English, and its use offer a number of difficulties for Chinese Language learners and teachers: 1) English is not the first language of the learners, and thus they often have problems in understanding grammar explanations, vocabulary, etc. 2) English and Spanish are typologically different languages, and thus learners of both languages face different difficulties in studying Chinese. 3) The content of the material written in English often reflects the interests of English speaking users or includes their cultural background, which is different from that of Spanish speaking users. Since 2004 two Beginner Chinese language textbooks written by Spanish teachers have appeared on the market in Spain, but in view of the current needs on Chinese Language Learning in Spain, two books are not enough to meet the demands of the market. This study has designed a Beginner-level Chinese Language Textbook specific for learners whose first language is Spanish. Its design takes into consideration learners’, teachers’ as well as institutional needs, their language background, culture traits, etc., in reference to the Chinese Language, and it also includes the method and principles followed in its elaboration. Its main purpose is not only to address the problems stated above, but it also believes that using a Chinese Language Textbook specific for Spanish learners can improve the effectiveness of their learning. Therefore, after completing the design of the textbook, this study has developed a research into its effectiveness in the language classroom.en_US
dc.subjectChinese Teaching Materialsen_US
dc.subjectChinese Teaching Materials in Spanishen_US
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dc.titleDesign of a Beginner-Level Chinese Language Textbook for Learners whose First Language is Spanishen_US
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