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Title: 針對中級華語學習者之漢字課程設計
The Design on the Chinese Characters Course in Intermediate Level For Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
Authors: 信世昌
Hsin Shih Chang
Zhang Xinyi
Keywords: 華語教學
Chinese language teaching
Chinese character
Chinese character culture
Curriculum design
Foreign Chinese language learners
Intermediate level
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 中文摘要 關鍵字:華語教學、漢字教學、漢字文化、課程設計、中級、華語學習者 華語文教學作為一門學科研究的領域,在學者們多年的努力之下,已有豐碩的成果,不僅表現在華語語音、語法上,也表現在漢字教學研究上。漢字教學課程、學習者漢字學習難點以及漢字教材開發不足的種種問題浮現之後,引起了學者們對於漢字課程的關注,進而結合各領域的研究成果,著手進行漢字教學各方面的相關研究。本研究試圖在第二語言漢字教學中融入漢字的文化意涵,使學習者能夠在既有的漢字書寫基礎上,繼續領會漢字文化的深意,擴展漢字學習的廣度與深度。 本研究主要針對外籍華語學習者進行漢字課程研究及設計,在研究的過程中,首先蒐集相關學理,進行研讀及批判;其次針對哈佛大學等各單位實際的漢字教學課程進行觀摩與分析,其中包括綜合語言課及漢字輔助課程中的漢字教學情形;之後就現有的教材進行分析,包括綜合性質的教材及獨立的漢字教材;此外,為了瞭解師生對漢字課程的需求,採取一對一訪談的方式,進行師生需求分析。最後結合研究過程中的各項結果,設計出漢字文化課程。 經過課程的研究及設計之後,本研究得出幾點結論:一、提出層次性及系統性的漢字教學課程概念;二、提出針對中級學習者之漢字課程規劃;三、設計聯繫基礎漢字學習與深入漢字文化研究兩個方面的課程;四、設計兼具靜態的漢字學習與動態的文化討論的課程。除此以外,本研究也期許在華語教學領域裡,能夠開發完整且具層次性的漢字課程,使學習者得以在分級的漢字課程中,合理地選擇學習的層級並能適度地瞭解自我漢字能力提升的幅度;為了有效評估學習者的漢字能力,以進行分級授課,期許能開發出合宜的漢字能力評鑑工具。
Abstract Keywords: Chinese language teaching, Chinese character, Chinese character culture, Curriculum design, Foreign Chinese language learners, Intermediate level After many years of dedicated work by scholars in this field, the study of Chinese language teaching has achieved lucrative results in not only Chinese pronunciation and grammar but also the study of Chinese characters. The problems and issues arising from Chinese character curriculum, difficulty for learners as well as inadequacy of Chinese character teaching materials have caught the attention of scholars, resulting in a powerful integration of scholarly work from various fields of study and an earnest collaboration in research related to Chinese character teaching. The present research attempts to incorporate the cultural significance of Chinese characters into Chinese foreign language studies. The research hopes that starting from the foundation of Chinese character writing, students will continue to grasp the deeper meanings of Chinese characters and enhance their learning in both breadth and depth. The present research focuses on conducting research and designing curriculum for foreign Chinese language learners. The research first collected, analyzed, and critiqued related articles. The next steps investigate and analyze real Chinese language curriculum, which include cases of both comprehensive language classes as well as Chinese character teaching from Chinese-character-aided curriculum, from Harvard University and similar programs. Subsequently, an analysis of educational materials was performed, including thoseof comprehensive Chinese language nature and independent Chinese character materials. In addition, in order to understand the demands of both teachers and students for learning Chinese through Chinese characters, a series of one-on-one interviews was carried out and analyzed. Lastly, integrating the results of each of these sections, a Chinese character curriculum was designed. After conducting the research and design for this curriculum, the present research has come to several conclusions: 1) To propose the concept of a multi-level, systematic Chinese character curriculum. 2) To propose a plan for the Chinese character curriculum specifically targeted at intermediate level learners. 3) To design a curriculum that connects the fundamental study of the characters themselves with a deeper understanding of their underlying culture and 4) To design a combined curriculum including both a solid study of Chinese characters as well as a dynamic discussion of culture. This curriculum aims to help learners progress through it by choosing a reasonable level of study and gain an appropriate sense of achievement from their personal improvement in Chinese character skill. In order to evaluate the level of learner’s Chinese character ability, a rating system for lessons should be expected to be implemented and developed as an appropriate tool for critiquing Chinese character skill.
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