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Title: 華語教科書插圖研究與教學應用
A Survey of Illustration in Textbooks of Chinese as a second/Foreign Language and Its Pedagogical Application
Authors: 曾金金
Tseng, Chin-Chin
Keywords: 插圖設計
illustration designs
illustration applications
effects of illustrations
Illustration arrangement
Chinese learning materials
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 近年來華語教科書插圖使用愈見頻繁,但學者對於教材研究往往著重於語法點、詞彙量、與課程設計,對於插圖研究並不多。教材中插圖往往僅被視為裝飾的一部份,甚至不存在。而今隨著視覺霸權崛起,讀圖時代來臨,新版教材往往圖文並茂,本研究之主要目的是由教師和學生的角度出發,調查教材使用過程中,插圖的存在對於增進學習動機、情感過濾因素與學習效益上的影響,並藉由現有教材分析,找出插圖使用、設計上的關鍵點,以期日後插圖之設計與應用提供建議。
The use of illustrations in the Chinese learning textbooks are more frequent than before; however, when it comes to textbook study, researches are usually focusing on grammar, vocabularies, and curriculum, only little attention is paid to the illustrations. Traditionally, illustrations are just seen as decoration in Chinese learning textbooks, sometimes even needn’t been existed. Now with the rise of visual hegemony, texts are usually illustrated than appearing along in new published materials. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to know how teachers and students feel about textbook illustrations. Whether the existences of them improve learning motivation, influence the affective filters and learning effectiveness or not. Moreover, the research findings contain two lists of key points to the illustration design and applications through the comparison and analysis of existing materials.
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