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Title: 藉中文歌曲進行對外華語教學活動之設計
A Study of Using Chinese Songs for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Authors: 信世昌
Keywords: 歌曲教學
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 藉中文歌曲進行對外華語教學活動之設計 中文摘要 關鍵字: 歌曲教學、華語文教學、教學活動、教學設計、音樂與語言 音樂是一種藝術的表現形式,在音樂當中附加上歌詞的歌曲拓展了音樂的表現向度,也提供了語言教學實踐的功能。本研究以發展研究法為研究方法,將歌曲與音樂的相關理論整理之後,以歌曲做為工具、增進語言能力為主要目的,設計並實施以歌曲為內容的教學活動。 整體研究的理論架構,為從音樂與歌曲的本質與作用對人的生理與心理影響開始討論,進而延伸到歌曲在語言課室中各方面的實際增益與華語的語言特色,建立研究的理論基礎;並且訪談曾使用歌曲教學的華語教師與學習者做為需求分析的根據,也從分析現行的華語教材使用歌曲的應用實例中發掘出一套歌曲教學活動設計與實行的原則,最後發展出一套可行的教學範例。 經過了文獻分析、需求分析與實際範例設計及實施後,本研究可以得知以下的幾個結論。第一,在理論方面,音樂與歌曲對於人的生理與心理均具正面效果,至少就具有放鬆學生心情、減少焦慮、提高動機等作用,若著眼於語言學習上也可促進語言能力的增進。第二,在課程設計方面,設計一套設計良善的歌曲教學活動範例,有助於課堂中的效能發揮,也確實能提升教師與學習者教與學的動機與成效。第三,在實作方面,歌曲的選擇應選擇歌詞難度程度適合學習者、發音歌詞沒有謬誤以及呼應教師的教學目標來選擇歌曲,華語歌曲也必須特別加強利用朗讀端正聲調的消失疑慮。第四,在教材發展方面,設計完整的歌曲教學活動文本教材是待期待與可行的未來發展展望。
A Study of Using Chinese Songs for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Abstract Keywords: Songs in Teaching, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Educational Activity, Instruction Design, Music and Language Music is a performance of art. Music with words, songs, can broaden the expressional horizons of music. The lyrics in songs supply meanings to music and the accompanying melodies also enrich the phonologic essence of words. Lyrics are the most important element in a song besides rhythm and melody. Lyrics make music more concrete in meaning and provide the educational function of using comprehensible input in language learning. Chinese learners could gain language knowledge by analyzing the content of songs. Lyrics are also a form of social text, and can enhance familiarity with the target culture. Most important, learning Chinese by songs is a way of increasing students’ interest and motivation that can help attaining learning goals. This study aims to promote students’ language ability through teaching Chinese songs, and tries to integrate theory and practice in curriculum design. This research employs theories ranging from how the influences of music and songs affect to people physiologically and psychologically, to the actual benefits of songs in language classes. In the field of curriculum design, this study seeks to determine learners’ needs via interviews with students and teachers. This study also analyzes the current use of songs in textbooks. Based on the design models that are discussed, the study’ proposes ten educational song activities deriving from different purposes.
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