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Title: 漢日否定詞之對比分析
A Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and Japanese Negatives
Authors: 曾金金
Keywords: 漢語
Contrastive Analysis
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 漢語中有「不」和「沒」兩個否定詞,且兩個否定詞之間有很清楚的分用,因此與日語否定詞「ない」容易出現對應上的問題。當日語否定詞「ない」要轉換為漢語否定詞「不」或「沒」時,常會不知所措。此外,漢語和日語之間否定詞的使用也常出現無法對應的情況,也就是當其中一種語言使用了否定詞時,另一種語言卻迴避使用否定詞。 為了解這些現象背後所隱藏的機制,本文採取文本對比分析的方式,選擇了12套漢語及日語對譯的小說共24本,選取部分內容,再擷取當中出現否定詞的語料,整理成語料庫。然後以兩個層次進行討論。一是以江建華(民91)漢日語否定詞對比的結構檢視,並根據石毓智(民81)離散量與連續量的論述,從語義的角度詮釋「不」和「沒」的功能區分。二是根據上述結論,針對日籍學生漢語否定詞「不」和「沒」的選用教學,提出一套教學建議。 此外,本文也針對否定詞無法對應的現象進行了分析與討論,且模擬出一套「否定義缺口填補」的機制,來解釋否定詞迴避使用的現象,並針對漢語和日語在面對否定義缺口時所使用的填補手段,就詞彙、句法和語用三個層次做了一些分析與整理。
“Bu” and “Mei” are two negatives in Chinese. Problems might arise when using “Bu” and “Mei”, which correspond to the Japanese negative “Nai”. In addition, the existence of the negatives between Chinese and Japanese are not necessarily matched. To understand the mechanism behind these phenomena, we adopted the method of text analysis and researched comparisons between Chinese and Japanese negatives. Sentences containing “Bu” and “Mei” were selected from 12 original or translated Chinese novels, while “Nai” from their counterparts written in Japanese. First, we analyzed all these sentences in the corpus under the framework of Jiang Jianhua(2002), and tried to interpret the principles of the usages of “Bu” and “Mei” from a semantic viewpoint brought up by Shi Yuzhi(1992). Secondly, we try to make suggestions on teaching “Bu” and “Mei” for Japanese students based on the previous results. In addition, we also simulated a mechanism, called “The filling for negative vacancy”, from a lexical, syntactical and pragmatic perspective to explain the absence of using negatives.
Other Identifiers: GN0690240101
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