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Title: 現代漢語離合詞離析動因分析
A Study on Separable Words in Modern Chinese
Authors: 鄧守信
Keywords: 離合詞
Separable words
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 現代漢語離合詞研究近十幾年來的結果,因其特殊的語言特性,從命名開始,乃至界定的方式,以多重分裂的樣態呈現其紛雜的面貌。「離合詞」這種能「離」又能「合」的特殊的詞,漢語語言學家前後分別給予十數種的命名,對其語法屬性分四種不同的觀點: (1)詞、(2)短語、(3)合則詞,離則短語、(4)中間游移狀態。也因觀點的不同,產生不同的界定標準。本論文在前人的研究基礎上,界定離合詞為詞,且其為至少包含一個黏著詞素的合成動詞。 試從離合詞產生的語言背景,窺其形成的脈絡,並探討離析動因。離合詞首度出現於宋代,因漢語長期複音化的語言發展,雖然產生語義弱化且不自由的詞素,但仍保有其原有詞義並體現的是一完整單一的動詞。且因其語義結構與插入成分與整體的修飾關係,藉由「詞彙重新解釋」(Lexical Re-interpretation)的機制,在句法層次上產生離析。以類推作用(analogy),將離析用法由最開始的動名合成詞擴展至其他組合的合成詞,形成現代漢語離合詞多樣化的現象。
Separable word is a unique word in Modern Chinese Language which can either be separated or combined. It has been extensively studied in the past few decades due to its specific characteristics. Thus different names and distinctive principles have been made thereof. Separable words can be defined as (1) words, (2) phrases , (3) words and phrases or as (4) the mid-state on the continuum of words and phrases. With different definitions and distinctive principles, hundreds to thousands seperable words have been categorized. Based on previous studies, this thesis adopts the view that separable words are either verbs or complex words which are composed of a bound morpheme at least. This study starts from explaining the development of separable words and the emergence of separation. First of all, separable words are figured out first in Song Dynasty. The bond morphemes of separable words result from the bisyllablization and semantics reduction of Chinese characters. Secondly, the separable words can be separated through the lexical re-interpretation mechanism. The insertion of inserted elements which modify verbal elements of separable words is the cause of separation. Besides, the formation types of separable words are increasing due to analogical use. Finally, this study proposes teaching strategies for the teaching materials and methods based on the achievements of predecessors.
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