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Titel: 華語初級教材語法項目的選擇與排序原則之探討
An Analysis of the Selection and Sequencing of Grammar Points in Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbooks
Autoren: 鄧守信
Teng Shou- Hsin
Teng Li-Chun
Stichwörter: 語法項目
grammar point
pedagogical grammar
elementary Mandarin Chinese textbooks
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Zusammenfassung: 在從事華語教學活動中,教材是老師教學與學生學習的材料。一本好的教材取決於課文內容的排序,而教材內容的排序則牽制於詞彙、句構的排序以及對話情境的安排。這三者必須相互搭配、完美結合才能編製成一本好用的教材,尤其是教材中語法項目的選用與編排,更是決定教材成敗的關鍵。本研究希對臺灣、美國及大陸等三地主要之華語初級教材,透過調查統計、對比分析這些教材中語法項目之選擇與排序的客觀情形,描述其特點、值得借鑒以及待改進之處。 本論文所稱之華語初級教材,係指針對在非目的語環境中成長,且母語為英語的學習對象所設計的對外華語教學的成人教材,亦即以華語為第二語言習得之對象所使用之華語教學教材。本研究以華語初級教材中的語法編寫、語法用語、語法點選擇與排序等相關研究理論基礎,並以鄧守信所提出教學語法之屬性及語法點的排序原則,來檢視新版《實用視聽華語》、《中文聽說讀寫》及《新實用漢語課本》三套華語初級教材的語法用語、語法點的切分與選取,以及語法點排序情況的編寫情形,並由語法量的控制與分布、形式及內容的描述等方面探討有關華語教材語法點選擇與排序的規律,以供教材編寫及教學人員參考。
A great Chinese textbook will greatly enhance non-native speakers’ learning experience in the classroom. What constitutes a good textbook is the sensible sequence of its content, which concerns the arrangement of vocabulary, sentence structure, and situational conversations. These three elements must be coordinated in such way that reinforces one another. The selection and sequencing of grammar points is of particular significance which determines the success of a textbook. This study aims to research elementary Mandarin Chinese textbooks from Taiwan, the United States, and mainland China in an objective manner through surveys and comparative analyses, thereby identifying their respective features, strengths, and weaknesses in terms of the selection and sequencing of grammar points. The textbooks discussed in this paper refer to those intended for foreign language learners, namely, native English speakers who do not grow up in a target language environment and who acquire Mandarin Chinese as a second language. Basing on theoretical foundation as laid out in relevant studies concerning grammar points’ explanation, usage, selection, and sequencing, as well as the characteristics of pedagogical grammar and principles for sequencing grammar points proposed by Teng Shou-hsin, this paper examines three sets of elementary Mandarin Chinese textbooks, including the latest edition of Practical Audio-Visual Chinese, Integrated Chinese, and New Practical Chinese Reader. This paper looks into how the three textbooks segment, select, and sequence grammar points, and further discusses their distribution, format, and content of grammar points. It is hoped that the findings of this study will provide authors of teaching materials as well as teachers with valuable reference on the selection and sequencing of grammar points in elementary Mandarin Chinese textbooks.
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