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Title: 中級華語閱讀教材設計之研究-以越南籍學生為對象
A Study on the Design of Intermediate Chinese Reading Material - A Case of Vietnamese Students
Authors: 葉德明
Te-Ming Yeh
Keywords: 中級程度
intermediate level
reading material
Vietnamese students
word order
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於探討越南籍學生在閱讀方面之需求,並設計適合越南籍學生閱讀的教材,並且將閱讀教學方式帶入閱讀課程中。 本研究採用問卷分析以及教學實驗法進行研究,以閱讀基模理論為依據、架構,以越南籍大學中文學系二年級學生進行問卷訪談,並且以國立台灣師範大學國語中心中級華語程度越南籍學生為教學試驗對象。 經研究分析、教學實驗後,本研究得到以下的結論: 一、中級閱讀的詞彙應具有實用性。 二、中級閱讀的內容解釋應具有針對性。 三、中級閱讀教材應設置閱讀技巧訓練 四、中級閱讀教材的內容應為學習者熟悉、在地化 五、閱讀教學應著重閱讀方式的訓練、技能的訓練、理解能力的訓練 六、幫助學習者建構圖式知識 本論文希望透過研究結果提出一些建議,能在華語閱讀教材編寫與開發方面作為日後有志之士參考。
The purposes of this study are to explore the needs of Vietnamese students in reading; then to design an appropriate reading material to them and finally to apply the reading teaching to the reading course. Based on the schema theory and invited the second-year students of Chinese department, Vietnam National University in Hanoi to answer the questionnaires, then invited the intermediate level’s Vietnamese students at Taiwan Normal University’s Chinese language center to attend the teaching experimentation. By using the questionnaire analysis and teaching experimentation methods to research, to analyze and to experiment, the study has following findings: 1.The vocabulary of an intermediate reading material has to be practicable. 2.The translation of text in intermediate reading material has to be pertinent. 3.The intermediate reading material has to embody the reading skill’s training. 4.The content of intermediate reading material has to be familiar with students and localized. 5.Reading teaching must pay attention to the training of the reading methods, the reading skills and the reading comprehension. 6.Help student to construct the schematic knowledge. From these findings, we offer some suggestions as reference to whom are doing research on the reading material’s design and development.
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