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Title: 捷克初級華語學習者的漢字學習策略研究
Strategies for Learning Chinese Characters Used by Czech Beginners
Authors: 曾金金
Tseng, Chin-Chin
Zahradnikova, Michaela
Keywords: 學習策略
Learning strategies
Learning Chinese characters
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究以捷克初級學習者為研究對象,使用問卷調查與學習者日記紀錄分析漢字學習策略的三個領域:第一、使用量化研究方法分析漢字學習策略的使用頻率與學習者對策略主觀效用的看法;第二、使用質化研究分析學習者在背生字的過程中所使用的記憶技巧;第三、探討多元智能(Gardner, 1983, 1999)與學習策略之間的關聯。最後,基於研究結果,本文提出適當的策略教學建議。 其一,從漢字學習策略使用頻率來看,重複寫字、利用字的故事與拆解漢字結構為基礎的聯想策略,亦為最常用的記憶策略。自我測試與自製字卡為最常用的複習策略。另外,常看的、喜歡的與不好學的漢字最容易回憶。學習策略的主觀效用與使用頻率之間存在正向關聯性。 其二,記憶技巧內容分析顯示,記憶巧內由十個基本技巧組成,技巧可單獨使用,也可混合使用。其中利用偏旁部首、故事與圖像為最常用的技巧。研究分析也顯示組塊化、意義化與訊息連接三個現象。 其三,使用統計分析觀察多元智能與學習策略之間的互動可發現,其關聯性難以使用多元智能理論解釋,因此本理論不適合用於提出學習策略個體化建議。 最後,基於研究結果,本文提出捷克漢語初級學習者在學習策略方面的建議,並為華語教師提供教學建議以及為實驗之漢字課程的改善建議。
This study primarily used questionnaires and Chinese character diaries to explore learning strategies of Czech university students. First, quantitative research methods are applied to explore the frequency of usage and subjective effectiveness of Chinese character learning strategies; second, qualitative research methods are used to define specific memory tricks used to memorize individual characters; and third, relationship between multiple intelligences (Gardner, 1983, 1999) and learning strategies are explored. As for the frequency of usage, mechanical copying, stories and associative strategies based on character structure are most frequently used memorizing strategies. Among revision strategies, self-testing and hand made flashcards are most powerful. This study found that frequenly encountered, pleasing and difficult characters are easiest to recall. All strategies show correlation between subjective effectiveness and frequency of usage. As for mnemonics, ten strategies are reviewed, which are used either separately or in combinations. Stories, radials and images are employed by students most frequently. Analysis shows tendencies to chunking, semanticizaiton and information linking. Statistical analysis of the interaction between the multiple intelligence profiles and learning strategies does not prove that MI is useful in predicting the most effective applied strategies for Czech students to learn Chinese characters. Based on all observations, pedagogical suggestions are derived for students, teachers as well as the observed Chinese language course.
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