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Titel: 中高級俗諺語教材設計及教學研究
A Study of Course Materials and Instruction Design of Chinese Proverbs to Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Language Learners
Autoren: 信世昌
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Chen, Ya-Fang
Stichwörter: 語境
advanced-level Chinese
teaching proverbs
proverb teaching materials
Erscheinungsdatum: 2015
Zusammenfassung: 本論文從語境及文化觀點,設計為中高級程度學習者之俗諺語教材,並進行教學研究。華語學習者到了中高級以上,不可避免地會遇到俗諺語。但一直以來,俗諺語在教材、教學、課程及研究方面的重視度,相對於其他語言,仍較為低。俗諺語的學習難點在使用的語境及其文化意涵等,然而目前的華語教學界據此來編寫針對性的諺語教材或進行專門的俗諺語教學的仍顯不足,因此許多華語學習者到了中高級以上程度,仍無法正確地使用俗諺語,以致無法進一步提高華語能力及跨文化交際能力。緣此,本論文將依據文獻分析及需求分析之結果設計一套俗諺語教材範例,並以此進行教學試驗。經過課程教學實踐之後,本論文將可達成以下研究目標: 一、解決目前俗諺語教材及教學的不足。 二、提供俗諺語教材編寫之建議。 三、建立俗諺語的教學策略。   從研究結果來看,過去學習者在學習俗諺語的難點方面包括了記憶、來源、意義及用法等,根據需求分析結果可知,教師及學習者皆認為有學習俗諺語的需要,學習俗諺語也有助於提高學習者的華語能力,且因現有教材及課程的不足而應設計俗諺語教材及課程。研究者根據文獻探討及需求分析的結果後,設計了一套俗諺語教材及課程,並進行五週的教學試驗課程。經過五週試驗課程學習後可以發現,學習者在俗諺語的使用能力及頻率上確有所增加,亦能將所學之俗諺語應用於其他課程或生活中,顯示本論文所設計之教材及課程乃具一定的可行性。緣此,研究者盼本論文所設計之教材及課程能做為未來正式教材及課程安排之參考範例。
The aim of this study is to design proverbs course materials for advanced Chinese learners and to conduct an experimental teaching practice with the consideration of both cultural and contextual aspects. When Chinese language learners reach an advanced level, they inevitably encounter proverbs. However, proverbs are not much emphasized in the Chinese language pedagogy which includes teaching materials, curriculum and research. The difficulty of learning proverbs lies in how to use them in a proper context and how to grasp their cultural meaning. As of yet, the current Chinese pedagogy neglects the importance of instruction and publication of proverb-focused textbooks. Thus, when Chinese language learners reach an advanced level, they are unable to use Chinese proverbs correctly. This in turn hinders further Chinese language development and the ability to communicate from a cross-cultural perspective. In this research, literature analysis and survey research provide a framework for data collection and compilation of proverbs course materials. This study reviews relevant literature, analyzes teacher and student needs regarding proverbs instruction, compiles course materials and applies these materials in advanced Chinese language class. Through the designed proverb course the researcher aims to achieve the following goals as below: 1. Addressing the insufficiency of proverbs-oriented teaching methodology and publications 2. Providing suggestions for compiling proverb teaching materials 3. Establishing teaching strategies of Chinese proverbs The results of this research reveal that the greatest difficulties in Chinese proverbs' acquisition are total comprehension, active recall and appropriate application. Author's analysis of students’ needs has shown that both teachers and learners acknowledge the necessity and value of proverbs acquisition as a way to enhance Chinese language proficiency. Both parties agree that the lack of relevant materials which calls for a greater investment in curriculum. After conducting a five-week experimental class instruction focused on proverbs, the results have shown a direct improvement in students’ ability to grasp and utilize proverbs. Additionally, it has proven that proverb acquisition reinforces other areas of Chinese language coursework. Thus, given this proverb coursework’s demonstrated feasibility, the researcher hopes that the provided course materials can serve as a model for future Chinese proverb curricula.
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