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Title: 漢語心理動詞「愛」字近義詞群區辨架構
A Framework to Differentiate the Chinese Psych Verb Ai Near-Synonyms
Authors: 鄭錦全
Cheng, Chin-Chuan
Kuan, Fang-Fang
Keywords: 心理動詞
psych verbs
sentiment analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本論文針對漢語心理動詞「愛」字探究其語義特徵及義項,並藉由賓語範疇、漢語詞素、情感分析,以建立「愛」字近義詞群之區辨架構。本研究以鄭錦全(2007b)之「同義詞詞林檢索軟體」爲詞語分類依據,同時以中央研究院「平衡語料庫」做爲實證之分析。結果顯示多義詞「愛」字核心語義具有賓語和情感深厚特徵,並依語料劃分為六個義項,分別是「近親愛、情侶愛、社會愛、喜好愛、惜護愛、傾向愛」,各義項間皆以愛為核心,因側重面不同,呈現不同的近義詞群網絡,而詞群間則藉由相異詞素及語義呈現情感的強弱排序,即「近親愛、情侶愛」為原型義項,側重近親、長幼與情侶的近距離關係;「社會愛」則強調社會距離的遠近,屬於外人的關係;「喜好愛、惜護愛」側重興趣的情感強弱關係;「傾向愛」則強調行為習慣的趨向性,情感已經虛化,本論文亦以愛字為例,提出華語教學和線上詞典編輯之相關建議。
This dissertation proposes a framework to differentiate near-synonyms of the Chinese psych verb ai (愛/ love) based on a categorization and analysis of the semantic features and senses of the objects and morphemes forming ai compound words found within the online Cilin Retrieval Software (詞林檢索軟體) (鄭錦全, 2007b) and Academia Sinica Balanced Corpus of Modern Chinese. The analysis revealed core semantic features and senses of ai denoting object-oriented relations and strong emotions. Furthermore, the corpus queries produced results exhibiting a number of ai’s senses which can be characterized as “parental love,” “romantic love,” “altruistic love,” “pastime love,” “cherished love,” and “habitual love.” I posit that “parental love” and “romantic love” are interwoven prototype senses, mainly emphasizing short distance relationships, such as family, the elderly and one’s mate while “altruistic love” stresses social distance between ordinary people. Near-synonyms related to “pastime love” and “cherished love” are primarily organized in a continuum according to intensity and gradable emotion. “Habitual love”, a strongly weakened emotion, highlights a tendency to behave negatively. Six senses interact with the core meaning of ai and form a semantic network. Implications of the findings for language pedagogy and lexicographic research are recommended.
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