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Title: 圖文創作應用於華語跨文化教學研究
Graphic Creations Applied to Mandarin Cross-cultural Teaching Research
Authors: 林振興
Wang, I-Ju
Keywords: 圖文創作
Graphic creations
Chinese culture teaching
Instructional design
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract:   圖文創作以與生活貼近的內容與極具特色的畫風深受許多年輕族群青睞,其中更具有許多華人文化的意涵與道理,透過雙碼理論,本文以圖文創作作為教學媒介,探討其教學成效與圖文創作是否能引起學生學習興趣。首先將圖文創作分為三大項主題:節慶(農曆新年、鬼月)、交際文化與文化詞彙,並與五位圖文創作者或其經紀公司取得教學的授權同意後進行分類,從中各選出三至四篇圖文,以該圖文中心思想進行課文撰寫,並經過三位華語老師審核前測、後測與延宕測驗之題目。實驗中將受試者分成實驗組與對照組,以TOCFL B1的學生作為實驗對象,進行一小時的教學,透過實驗法探討圖文創作對於華語學習者學習華人文化是否具有成效,此外為顧及受試者對於教學的想法,測驗過後使用半結構式訪談與滿意度調查了解學生的學習狀況與想法。   根據實驗結果發現,研究結果可以分為三大項: 1. 華語學習者對於圖文創作的學習偏好,多為文字精簡、圖片表達清楚之圖文。 2. 圖文創作對於文化教學具有成效,根據統計結果顯示為有效教學,且透過延宕測驗可以發現實驗組的學生比對照組的學生有更長久的記憶力。 3. 圖文創作能夠引起華語學習者學習華人文化的興趣。
 The unique style of graphic creations is favored by many young groups. Furthermore, there are many Chinese cultural meanings in the graphic creations. Through the dual-code theory, this article uses graphic creations as a teaching medium. Trying to explore whether its teaching effects and graphic creations can increase L2 Chinese learners' interest in learning Chinese culture or not. First, the graphic arts are divided into three major themes: Festivals, communication culture, and cultural vocabulary. Graphic texts were selected to write the texts and three Chinese teachers were asked to review the topics of pretest, posttest and postponement tests. In the experiment, the subjects were divided into experimental group and control group. TOCFL B1 level students were conducted for an hour of teaching. Through experimental methods, it explored whether the graphic creations were effective for the L2 Chinese learner to learn Chinese culture. Using semi-structured interviews and satisfaction surveys to understand students' learning status and thoughts after the test. According to the research, here are three conclusions: 1. L2 Chinese learners' preferences are the graphic creations which have simple text and clear pictures. 2. Graphic creation is effective for cultural teaching. According to statistical results, it shows effective teaching, and through the postponement test, students in the experimental group can have longer memory than students in the control group. 3. Graphic creation can increase Chinese language learners’ interest to learn Chinese culture.
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