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Title: 鏡湖醫院在澳門救濟慈善活動之社會角色與作用(1931-1966)
The Social Role and Effect of Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association in Macau(1931-1966)
Authors: 吳龍雲
Goh, Leng-Hoon
Chan, Ka- Mei
Keywords: 救濟
Chinese charitable association
Kiang Wu Hospital
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 自澳葡政府殖民澳門以來,居在澳門之華人地位極低,不論在經濟上或是政治上都處於從屬地位,幾乎沒有任何發言權。19世紀後期,戰亂不斷,加上大批難民與富商遷移到澳門,因此造成了當時澳門的華人人口突然增多,期間除了經歷戰禍,還有發生不少自然災害。在種種的情況下,澳門的貧苦大眾特別需要慈善的救濟與醫療服務。因此,眾多華人聯合起來共同創建屬於華人的醫院—鏡湖醫院。 鏡湖醫院為澳門第一所華人慈善機構以及最悠久的華人組織。最初,鏡湖醫院扮演著醫療團體的角色,未幾,醫院的功能不斷發展,超出原有的服務範圍,成為了提供不同社會服務的慈善組織。因此不論在以前還是現在的澳門,鏡湖醫院的地位及社會角色仍是不可或缺。 然而,筆者以鏡湖醫院作為切入點,本研究指出鏡湖醫院在1931—1966年期間,醫院對貧苦大眾之醫療服務及對澳門社會上的救助,從而突顯出鏡湖醫院在澳門之社會地位與角色。筆者除了先梳理澳門鏡湖醫院的歷史脈絡,再來分析1931—1966年期間醫院內的領導人士,同時理清他們行善動機等。研究得出他們在鏡湖醫院的職務、在醫院及澳門社會上的慈善事業中所發揮的實際行動與影響。
The economic and political status of Chinese in Macau has been very low since Portuguese colonial rule, whereby they had no say in any matter. In late 19 century, a number of refugees and wealthy merchants immigrated to Macau in wartime, as a result of which the population of Chinese dramatically increased then. Experiencing the wars happening in a row, were inflicted by natural disasters as well. Under these dreadful circumstances, people in Macau were desperately in need for charitable relief and medical service, there by Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association was founded. Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association was the first and long-established Chinese association in Macau. As a medical corps intrinsically, Kiang Wu Hospital has gradually developed into a socially irreplaceable and multifunctional charitable association over the decades to cover different kinds of social service. This study took Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association as an example, focusing on medical service for the poor and assistance for the society in Macau from 1931 to 1966. Therefore, we will firstly provide the historical background of Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association. Secondly, we will investigate the leaders in the hospital from 1931 to 1966. Taking a closer look at their actions and influenceson the medical institute and the society in Macau may help shed light on their philanthropic motivations.
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