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Title: 商務華語教材中招聘與應聘單元之教學研究
A Study of Recruitment and Apply Unit in Business Chinese Teaching Material
Authors: 陳麗宇
Chen, Li-Yu
Chang, Ching-Wen
Keywords: 招聘
Business Chinese textbooks
Teaching activities
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 商務華語作為專業華語的一項分支發展至今已有一定的規模,學者的研究投入、學習者的學習需求等等都可以在商務華語教材的蓬勃發展中看出端倪,然而,外籍人士想要學習商務華語無非是想在與華人進行商務活動時,減少因為語言的溝通和跨文化之間的文化理解歧異所發生的不愉快,但除卻商務活動的進行,現今的商務華語教材大多是以伴隨日常交際及案例型的方式教學,雖能帶領學習者快速進入華人社會的商務文化及活動,但卻少有教材針對外籍學習者想在華人地區面試求職的訓練,因此,研究者就2010年至2016年間的商務華語教材中,挑選內容具有招聘及應聘單元的教材分析,並訪談有在台或是在台籍公司工作經驗之華語學習者與商務華語教師,歸納整理所需之教學活動,並實際教授外籍學生,回收學生之教學回饋,以期能供日後教學招聘與應聘單元之教師及學習者參考。
As a branch of Chinese for specific purposes, Business Chinese has developed to a certain extent. The research input of scholars and the needs of learners can be seen in the flourishing development of business Chinese textbooks. However, foreigners want to learn business Chinese is nothing more than a desire to reduce the unpleasantness of language communication and cultural misunderstanding when doing business with Chinese. Thus, most of today’s business Chinese textbooks are consist of daily communication. And case-based teaching, although it can lead learners to quickly emerge to the business culture and activities of Chinese community, but there are only few textbooks for foreign learners which offer content of job interviews in Chinese region. Therefore, researcher analysis the content includes job recruitments and application units from business Chinese textbooks 2010 to 2016. Moreover, researcher has interviewed Chinese teachers who have business experience in Taiwan or in Taiwanese companies to get the realistic requirements, also try to apply it into real teaching plans and activities. Researcher has collected students' feedbacks in order to provide materials for other teachers and students.
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