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Title: 從行動者的角度談越南逃逸外勞的生命故事
Life Stories of Vietnamese Escaped Worker From A View Point of Social Actors
Authors: 楊聰榮
Yang, Tsung-Rong
Mai, Thi Hien
Keywords: 越籍逃逸勞工
Vietnamese escaped worker
Life story
Viet Nam
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 在台灣近幾年來,外籍移工逃逸問題一直是熱門的社會議題,其中逃逸比率最多的越南籍勞工更是吸引社會關注的議題。然而,研究者在研究此議題的過程中發現,當台灣地區在論述逃逸外勞的時候,多數是由法律方面看待將他們視為違法的對象。本研究與台灣目前的研究不同之處是研究者站在社會行動者的角度研究探討此議題。這意味著研究者的研究目的並不是判斷逃逸外勞是否非法,而是研究他們的逃跑過程,而此過程只佔他們的生命故事的一部分。他們為了各種原因而採取了此行動,每個行動之間都有前因後果的關係。 在此研究,研究者採用生命故事分析法、人物分析法及深度訪談法等研究方法。透過提供越籍逃逸移工較為整體的生命故事,其中最強調是他們從越南到台灣工作並逃逸這段歷程,研究者已找出導致這些勞工的逃逸行為的原因。主要原因來自於經濟因素:越南的家境貧困、仲介費的貸款過多、合法工作的薪資待遇不佳等。除此之外,還有其他研究較為忽略的非經濟原因如:個人的性格與社會關係網絡、外表及性別吸引力、工作的行為與技能、語言能力…… 這都是值得關注的主觀原因,而這些原因我們只能從當局者的角度才可以發覺到。 可以看出,母語溝通深入程度、與受訪者多年的友好關係以及從行動者的研究角度是本論文的最大特色,也是與前人的研究的不同之處,希望可為此研究領域做出比較新的研究貢獻。由此,研究者希望能夠讓社會,尤其是台灣社會更了解越籍逃逸勞工為何選擇這條坎坷之路,也從此對於這些所謂「逃跑外勞」有一個更客觀的看待。
Recently, illegal foreign workers in Taiwan is a critical social issue. Especially, Vietnamese workers, who have the highest escaped rate, attracting the attention of the society. In the previous studies, the escaped laborers were realized based on the legislation. There have no investigation which has really focused on the subject action, recognizing offenders by the law references. In the study, the subject action was used as a main parameter to have the best a critical overview of the escaped laborers. The content of this study do not assess the escaped action of Vietnamese laborers as illegal action. The study focus on the process of escaping, which is just a part of their life stories. There have plenty of reasons which cause the escaped action and each action has specific causality. In the study, analysis of the subjects, their life stories, and in-depth interview were employed to discover the reason. Based on the results, the main factor is economic factor. Their family circumstances were very humble, resulting in that they want to work more even the contract being gone. In addition, they have to recover the loan which they paid for brokerage fees. Meanwhile, their salary is not good enough to refund. Further, the reason including personalities, social relationships, appearance and gender attraction, working behavior and skills, and language ability were an important reasons as well. Those reasons just could obtain when it was investigated from inner subjects. Generally, a novel content of this research explore the subject based on a close-knit community with the same mother language, life styles, and fellowman of Vietnamese labors. This content make an advance compared to the previous studies. The author hopes that the finding of the study could provide a new observation in this field. Since the specific reasons were discussed, the content could help the society understanding the escaped reason of Vietnamese laborers and accept them with a positive observation.
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