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Title: 新加坡國小中年級學童華文書籍閱讀需求研究
Analyses of Chinese Book Reading Needs and Reading Habits in the Middle Levels of Singapore's Primary School
Authors: 朱我芯
Chu, Wo-Hsin
Hsu, Dong-Bo
Tan, Hui Leng
Keywords: 二語環境
Second Language
Reading needs
Modular Curriculum
Chinese Reading Curriculum
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 多元文化的新加坡,語言環境複雜,新加坡把英語視為第一語,華語是第二語的語言政策下,華語逐漸成為弱勢語言。再來,近年来,閱讀调查顯示新加坡人閱讀華文書籍的頻率低於閱讀英文書籍頻率。眾所皆知,閱讀的益處良多。政府正積極的推廣閱讀,而學校是向年輕的一代推廣閱讀的最佳平台。 新加坡華文教師所要面臨的挑戰,是培養學童閱讀華文書籍的習慣。新加坡教育部為了讓不同的國小根據學童的閱讀需求以及學校的政策來推行閱讀,所以並沒有統一閱讀課程。學校與老師們必須自行為學童設計閱讀課程。因此,本研究將實施閱讀需求調查問卷與教師訪談來了解中年級學童的閱讀需求。為了更深入了解學童的背景與閱讀需求的關聯性,本研究進一步調查了家庭閱讀環境以及學童的閱讀行為與性別及所屬的『單元模式』班級的關聯性。本研究的主要發現如下: (一) 新加坡國小中年級學童華文書籍的閱讀行為與家庭閱讀環境處於有待改善的處境。強化班的學童對於閱讀的需求與深廣班及核心班的閱讀需求存在很大的差異。 (二) 除了學童對於閱讀的喜愛程度,學童的閱讀行為與學童的性別無顯著差異,但閱讀行為與學童所屬的『單元模式』班級有顯著差異。 (三) 家庭閱讀環境與學童的性別無顯著差異。除了家人閱讀故事之外,家人的閱讀習慣、家人給予的鼓勵以及家人訂閱報紙或雜誌都與學童的單元模式班級有顯著的差異。 (四) 家庭閱讀環境與學童的閱讀行為是正相關。
Singapore is a multi-cultural, multi-racial society, reflecting a rich linguistic diversity in the country. It has a language policy of English as the first language and Mother Tongue (Chinese) as the second language in schools. As a result, there was a trend of declining standards and command of Mandarin amongst young Chinese Singaporeans. Furthermore, in a recent survey conducted, the reading frequency of English books was more than reading Chinese books. Reading has a lot of benefits and gains. Hence, the government is actively promoting reading activities and schools are the ideal platform to promote reading amongst the younger generations. Chinese Teachers in Singapore have been facing challenges in cultivating students the habit of reading Chinese books. Currently, the Chinese Reading Curriculum was not standardized by the Ministry of Education, as it wanted to give more autonomy for the schools to set the reading curriculum according to the needs of the students. Thus, the schools and teachers must design the Chinese reading curriculum. At such, this Research Paper aimed to conduct survey and the interview of Chinese teachers to find out the reading needs and reading habits of Primary Three and Four students. In order to gain a deeper understanding, the relations between the students’ backgrounds and reading behaviours were being analyzed. The findings were as follow: 1. The students’ reading behaviours and their family’s reading environment were in the state for improvement. The reading needs of Reforcement classes were different from Core classes and Enrichment classes. 2. Except for the reading attitude, there was no significant difference between the reading behaviours and gender. However, there was significant difference between the reading behaviours and the modular classes. 3. There was no significant difference between family’s reading environment and gender. Besides family’s reading, there was significant difference between family’s reading environment and the students’ modular classes. 4. Family’s reading environment and reading behaviours were positively correlated.
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