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Title: 邁向融合文化泰語情境的初級泰語教學法:以臺灣學習者為主要對象
A Study of Teaching Thai with Cultural Elements for Taiwanese Learners
Authors: 楊聰榮
Yang, Tsung-Rong
Su, Qing-Wan
Keywords: 泰語教學
Teaching Thai Language
Language Learning Method
Thai Language
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 現代社會已經是多元化及溝通化的地球村,語言的學習是重要的。在地球村的趨勢下,泰國也是東協成員國家其中之一,現在臺灣開始重視培訓東南亞語言方面人才的培訓,泰語教學也是其中重要的一環,未來各方面的發展,如文化交流、觀光、產業、學術發展,都需要有泰語人才的培訓。本研究是以在臺灣的泰語教學經驗為基礎,進行泰語教育的教學法研究,主要是針對泰語初學者。本研究採質性研究,旨從語言學的觀點,以臺灣學習者與泰語教學為研究對象,採文獻、文件分析及深度訪談蒐集資料,分析研究個案在學習泰語過程中及教泰語的教師教課之經驗面臨的困境、動機與具體因應之道,以期作為外語的教學發展之參考。 本研究共訪談臺灣學泰語的學習者、曾任及現任泰語教師(臺藉及泰籍者)共計42名相關人士。訪談資料經討論分析,結論為初級泰語子音與母音對臺灣學習者之發音困難為;濁音、抖音、鼻音,另外泰語子音很難寫,其原因為字本身的頭部或尾巴的彎曲及長相很相同。泰語母音很難發音與寫法讓學習者很困擾,泰語母音中有長短之音差別或有一些母音是復合母音也就是說雙音母音。母音字書寫時較容易遺漏部份筆畫,如此會連帶影響讀音不同,且改變所要表達的意思,也因此會造成泰語初級者學習的困擾。最後,根據結論,研究者分別針對泰語教學與未來有志從事課程相關研究者提供建議,以供參考。
Modern society is already a diversified and communicative global village. Language learning is important. Regardless of the time, people or place, soci-ety remains a global village. Language learning is important. In keeping with the trend towards adapting to the forming global village. Thailand is also one of the ASEAN member countries. Now Taiwan has begun to attach importance to the encouragement of talents in the training of languages in Southeast Asia. Thai language teaching is also an important part of this, and future develop-ments in all aspects, such as cultural exchange, tourism, industry, Academic development requires the training of Thai language professionals. This study is based on the Thai language teaching experience in Taiwan and conducted the teaching method research of Thai language education, mainly for Thai begin-ners. The qualitative research of this study is aimed at studying linguistics, using Taiwanese learners and Thai language teaching as research subjects, collecting literature, document analysis, and in-depth interviews to collect data, analyzing case studies in the process of learning Thai and teaching Thai teachers. The dilemma, motivation and specific response of the learning expe-rience are expected to serve as a reference for the development of teaching in foreign languages. In this study, a total of 42 people from Taiwan and Thailand, Previous and current, After the discussion and analysis of the interview data, it was concluded that the pronunciation of the consonants and vowels of the primary Thai language is difficult for Taiwanese learners The findings of this study are summarized as follows: 1. The pronunciation of the consonants of the primary Thai language for Taiwanese learners that are difficult because the original mother tongue did not have such a sound; for example : voiced sound , vibrant and nasal sound 2. Thai vowels that are difficult to pronounce and write for learners are the vowels in Thai have the difference of length and shortness or there are some vowels that are compound sounds, that is, two-tone vowels. The writing style is also very close, which may cause difficulties in learning the primary language of Thai. According to results of the research, this study’s conclusion has recom-mendations on teaching Thai as a foreign language as well as sugge¬stions for future researchers in compa¬triot education.
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