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Title: 數位學習服務平台PeggyTeachesChinese教學與商業模式之個案研究:回顧過去,展望未來
A Case Study on the Pedagogical and Business Model of PeggyTeachesChinese: Reflecting the Past, Anticipating the Future
Authors: 陳振宇
Chen, Jenn-Yeu
Li, Jia-Hui
Keywords: 無所不在學習
Ubiquitous Learning
Internet-based education
Freemium business model
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 自網際網路 (World Wide Web) 於1993年問世以來,網路教育不斷地在擴大。研究者紛紛發明了不同的術語來定義當代的學習模式,其中被廣為認定的教育形式為:無所不在學習 (Ubiquitous Learning)。此形式強調數位時代裡通過科技的支援在「任何時間、任何地點」進行的教學活動。本論文深入研析了由筆者本人於2009年創立並持續發展的線上中文教學平台PeggyTeachesChinese,以此作為一個無所不在學習範式內同時運行著免費增值商業模式 (Freemium Business Model)的成功案例。首先,我回顧了理論文獻來診斷PeggyTeachesChinese無所不在學習的五個主要原則:1)遍在性、2)課程架構客製化、3)交互性、4)自我導向學習、5)感知喜悅。接著,我運用了Alexander Osterwalder和Yves Pigneur創建的通用商業模型畫布 (Business Model Canvas) 分析PeggyTeachesChinese的現有商業營運模式,並仔細分析了我的商業模式是如何在數位市場中興起且成功地發展。最後,我採用了十三項開放式問題問卷調查我的家教學生對PeggyTeachesChinese作為一個無所不在學習平台的看法、他們對我作為私人輔導的角色以及對我的教學服務的滿意度與建議。本論文闡述了一個成功的線上教學平台在網路學習領域中必須具備的重要組成部分。
Since the release of World Wide Web to the public in 1993, there has been a proliferation of online education. Researchers have invented different terminologies to define our contemporary learning paradigms, one of the principal forms being identified as “Ubiquitous Learning.” This paradigm emphasizes the “anywhere/anytime” learning experience of the Digital Age. This thesis closely examines an online educational platform PeggyTeachesChinese that I personally founded and have developing since 2009 as a prominent example of an online Freemium business operating within a Ubiquitous-Learning paradigm. I first present a theoretical framework that allows me to identify the principal elements of Ubiquitous Learning in PeggyTeachesChinese: 1) omnipresence, 2) context customization, 3) interactivity, 4) self-directed learning, and 5) perceived enjoyment. I next analyze the existing business model of PeggyTeachesChinese with a universal business model canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and I scrutinize how my business model successfully emerged in the digital marketplace. Finally, I instrument thirteen open-ended survey questions to investigate my students’ perceptions of PeggyTeachesChinese as a Ubiquitous Learning platform, their perceptions of my role as their private tutor and their satisfaction with my tutorial service. This thesis illuminates the important components a successful online education platform has to provide in the domain of Internet-learning.
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