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Title: 網路安慰言語行為之漢英對比與教學應用
A Contrastive Study of Mandarin and English On-Line Comforting Speech Act and Its Pedagogical Applications
Authors: 謝佳玲
Hsieh, Chia-Ling
Lin, Chia-Tung
Keywords: 網路溝通
comforting speech act
comforting strategies
Mandarin-English contrastive analysis
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract:   在與他人的互動中,我們會安慰別人,也常常被別人安慰,因此學者們也注意到「安慰」行為的能量與正面效益。在網路盛行的現代,透過網路溝通來得到安慰的人也不在少數,但是網路的安慰言語行為和對比方面的研究都尚不足。本文針對台灣和美國兩大網路BBS系統,比較漢語和英語的安慰策略,同時從跨文化的面向探究不同文化背景對於安慰策略使用的影響,最後將結果結合漢語教學。本研究期望幫助英語母語者在漢語學習上能夠掌握接近漢語母語者的安慰策略,並且在其生活中發揮最大的效用。   本文漢語語料和英語語料分別從台灣最大BBS網站─PTT和美國的類BBS網站Reddit蒐集。本研究根據三種需要接受安慰的相關情境大量蒐集語料:人際關係、健康、職場/學校,並將這三個情境分為大事件以及小事件,每種情況一百筆,漢英加起來共有一千兩百筆的語料。分析重點包括漢英的使用者面對不同情況的主要策略、輔助策略及序列結構。本研究希望能從集體主義與個體主義文化,以及高語境與低語境文化解釋研究結果,並研究結果中設計一份適用於教學,符合真實性以及溝通功能的教材,以補現行教材中安慰言語行為教學的不足。
  There are always a time in our lives that we felt difficult to get over certain events, which made us overwhelmed with distress, anxiety, or sorrow. And that is the time we went to our friends and families for comforting. Thus, researchers viewed comforting speech act as a type of powerful and functional communication skill. However, the study of on-line comforting speech act, and the contrastive analysis did not grow with the popularity of the use of the internet. This thesis aim to analyze the strategies of on-line comforting speech act in BBS, with the combination of the pedagogical application, which hope to provide the English background learners an understandable and authentic way of on-line comforting in Chinese.   This thesis collected numerous resources of on-line speech act from two main BBS: one is ‘PPT’ from Taiwan and the other is ‘Reddit’ from the U. S. In the paper, three situations are considered: relationship, health, and workplace/school; furthermore, each situation will be divided in to big event and small event. Each event included 100 speech acts. The paper analyzed 1200 speech acts, and tried to find the similarities and the differences in contrastive of Mandarin and English. The study focus on the use of major strategies, supplementary strategies, and the structures between Mandarin and English. Additionally, the paper explained the features of comforting strategies with the dimension of individual-collectivism culture, as well as high-context and low-context culture. The final sections of the paper offer the teaching application, such as structure or patterns, of comforting speech act on the base of the research, which is nearly authentic and useful in daily life.
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