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Titel: 社群網站「臉書」參與式數位教材設計與華語學習平臺成效評估研究
The Development of Participatory Digital Learning Materials on Facebook and the Evaluation of the Chinese Learning Platform
Autoren: 朱我芯
Chu, Wo-Hsin
Tseng, Chin-Chin
Chen, Yu-Chieh
Stichwörter: 電腦輔助華語教學
computer-assisted language learning
digital learning materials
Chinese learning platform
social networking
Erscheinungsdatum: 2018
Zusammenfassung: 在今資訊時代,科技融入二語教學已成常態。隨著科技的發展,網頁亦由Web 1.0進展至Web 2.0模式。作為Web 2.0之代表工具之一,社群網站創造參與、多元動態,連結互動之特性成為二語學習之助力,諸多教育者紛紛投入社群網站二語教學之行列,亦取得了正向的成果。相較之下,華語該方面研究相對匱乏,故本研究以社群網站臉書為平臺,以中級華語學習者為對象,建置《學中文樂!Let’s Chinese!》臉書華語學習專頁,採用行動研究、量化統計與質性研究法,探究適合臉書之華語參與式教材設計,分析學習平臺成功經營模式,並發展成效評估指標。自2015年12月創設至今,歷經六階段的發展,共推出教材三十七期,累積粉絲一千逾人。 研究發現在數位教材發展方面,以參與、互動、真實、實用、意義、多元,和趣味為設計原則有助發展適合臉書之參與式數位教材。在內容上,具有系統性之多元主題能激發學習興趣。在形式上,真人影片以及三部分的層次設計,搭配問題導向的實作模式最能引發互動和參與。在學習平臺經營方面,客製化的即時回饋,與定期舉辦之抽獎活動對於活絡社群氣氛效果最佳。在平臺成效評估方面,「關注與行動」、「影片觀看」與「留言」三向度共十項指標能有效反映學習者之參與度,量化統計分析顯示,整體而言,學習者的參與度隨著教材的革新發展而有所提升,肯定了教材革新之成效。本文之研究成果在參與式數位教材設計、華語學習社群網站經營,以及平臺成效評估三方面提供了清晰的指引,為未來相關領域之研究帶來實質上的助益。
In this era of information, technology-assisted language learning has become commonplace. Following the progression of technology, many websites have transitioned from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. In contrast to the passive consumption of information encouraged by Web 1.0 sites, Web 2.0 allows end users to actively interact with others and develop their own content. One of the best illustrations of the Web 2.0 model is social networking websites. These social networking sites promote participation, co-creation, collaboration, hypermedia, and connection, all of which foster a plethora of opportunities for language learning. Studies on using social networking to assist foreign language learning observe many positive outcomes; however, considerably less research focuses on applying Web 2.0 technologies to Chinese. To mend the gap, this study aims to 1) develop Chinese learning materials designed specifically for Facebook, 2) examine the strategies and techniques employed to achieve successful management of a Chinese learning platform, and 3) evaluate the effectiveness of Chinese digital learning materials and the Facebook platform. The Facebook page ‘‘Let’s Chinese!’’ was created in December, 2015. Over the past two years, this page featured 37 issues of Chinese digital learning materials. Over a thousand ‘‘fans’’ have participated on the platform. This study was conducted through action-based research, quantitative research and qualitative research methods. Analysis of the “Let’s Chinese” Facebook page support the following conclusions. First, while developing material for Facebook, the following principles proved most important: participation, interaction, authenticity, practicality, meaningfulness, diversity and fun. A diverse range of topics motivated platform users to actively participate. The form of the content was also an important factor in engaging learners. Videos that featured real people and were split into sections that asked questions and sought participation from viewers lead to the most user interaction. Second, in regard to platform management, customized timely feedback and regularly held prize draw events enhanced the community atmosphere. Third, when evaluating the platform, “attention and action,” “video watching” and “commenting” best reflect the degree of learner participation. The analysis of the quantitative statistics showed increased participation with the progression and evolution of the digital materials. The following results offer a practical and constructive guide to the development of digital materials, a Chinese learning platform on Facebook and the critical evaluation of the platform. These conclusions can be applied to future endeavors using social networking for Chinese language education.
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