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Title: 華語為第二外語的國小學童運用沉浸式學習之探究-以印尼泗水臺灣學校華裔學生為例
The Exploration of Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language Primary School Students in Immersion Program by Surabaya Taipei School in Indonesia
Authors: 蔡雅薰
Tsai, Ya-Hsun
Yang, Tien-Yi
Keywords: 華語
Chinese language
immersion program
Surabaya Taipei School
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討泗水臺灣學校華裔學生運用沉浸式華語學習的狀況,藉由個案研究調查國小部六年級學生,六個學年的國語科成績,以此探究華裔學生華語沉浸式學習的成效,本研究共採計了21位華裔學生為樣本,將其成績以描述性統計呈現出國語科平均成績的概況,並以T檢定來驗證沉浸式學習的時間與國語科學習成效之間的關係,最後輔以半結構式教師訪談,瞭解泗水臺灣學校沉浸式教學施行的方式,根據研究結果,本研究的發現與結論如下: 一、泗水臺灣學校採用全沉浸式華語教學,聘任臺灣合格教師擔任華語教 師,對華裔學生進行華語教學。 二、在華語沉浸時間的長短與國語科學習成效的關係上,華裔學生使用華   語沉浸式學習,各階段國語科平均成績皆有進步。 三、華裔學生使用華語沉浸式學習,以沉浸第三年的學習成效最為顯著。  根據以上的研究結果,提出沉浸式華語教學相關建議,供海外華語教學相關人員、及未來研究者之參考。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the status of immersion Chinese language learning among Chinese students in Surabaya Taipei School. By investigating the sixth grade students in STS and the Mandarin language scores in six academic years through case studies to understand the effect of Mandarin Chinese immersion in Chinese students. The 21 ethnic Chinese students were sampled as samples, the results of descriptive statistics to understand the average score of Mandarin subjects to T test to understand the relationship between immersion time and the effectiveness of Chinese language learning, supplemented by semi-structured teachers Interview, to understand the way of immersion teaching in STS. According to the research results, the findings and conclusions of this study are as follows: First, Surabaya Taipei schools using Chinese full immersion teaching, appointment of qualified teachers in Taiwan served as Chinese Language teachers. Second, in the Chinese immersion time and the effectiveness of the national language learning relationship, Chinese students using the Chinese immersive learning, all stages of the national language subjects are improved. Third, Chinese students use Chinese immersion learning, the third year to immerse themselves in learning the most significant effect. According to the above research results, we put forward suggestions on immersive Chinese teaching for overseas Chinese teaching related personnel, and future researchers reference.
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