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Title: 漢語心理致使動詞之語言形式探究與教學應用
An Investigation of Chinese Causative Psych Verbs and Pedagogical Applications
Authors: 蕭惠貞
Hsiao, Hui-Chen
Lin, Shu-Yu
Keywords: 心理致使動詞
Psych Verbs
Event Number
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以詞彙致使與句式致使表達的心理致使動詞句子(如他感動了我們、他讓我們感動)有何不同。基於前人的語料庫研究(李臨定,1986;宛新政,2005;李炯英,2012)與認知研究(Wolff et al.,2009),我們假設「致事有生性」影響受試者說出不同致使句式,而致使句式影響「受試者感知到的事件數量」,因此我們以詞彙致使與句式致使皆可的五個動詞「震驚、振奮、感動、困惑、嚇壞」為材料,設計兩個實驗,測試上述假設。在實驗一中,致事有生性是自變項,致使形式是依變項;在實驗二中,致使形式是自變項,感知到的事件數量是依變項。此外,我們也根據實驗一的結果討論有生性與施動性的關係。   輸出實驗的結果顯示「致事的有生性」並不會影響受試者說出不同語言形式,然而我們也發現「個別動詞」對產出致使形式的影響大於「致事的有生性」。受試者看到事件影響力致事題目所造出的句型與有生性致事題目句型種類相似,因此我們認為受試者在致使事件中感知到的是「施動性」,而非「有生性」。輸入實驗的結果顯示致使句式確實影響了受試者感知到的事件數量,聽到詞彙致使的受試者傾向選擇一個箭頭的圖示,聽到句式致使的受試者傾向選兩個箭頭的圖示。   本文參考常輝(2011)、Ou(2012)與趙靜等人(2015)的心理動詞二語研究,提出心理狀態動詞與心理致使動詞的教學建議,並參考視聽華語的心理致使動詞分布設計課室活動,以期對心理致使動詞的教學有所助益。
The aim of this research is to discuss the differences between causative psych verbs expressed by lexical causative and syntactic causative. Based on former corpus and psycholinguistic research, we assume that “causer’s animacy” influences the production of causative form, and causative form influences native speaker’s perception of event numbers. Thus, we design two experiments to verify our presumption. We choose five psych verbs as materials: zhengjing(shock), gandong(touch), zhenfen(excite), kunhuo(confuse), xiahuai(frighten).In our output experiment, causer’ animacy is the independent variable and causative form the dependent variable. In our input experiment, causative form is the independent variable and event number the dependent variable. Apart from the two experiments, we also discuss causer’s animacy and agency further according to our research results. The result of our output experiment indicates that “causer’s animacy” has no correlation with lexical causative and syntactic causative production. Besides, we find out that when referring to the aspect of causative output, verb is more prominent than animacy. We infer that what the participants perceive is causer’s agency but not animacy because they have similar performances in both experiments with animate causers and natural force/event causers. The result of input experiment indicates that native speakers tend to consider event number as one when they hear the sentences with lexical causative, and two when they hear the sentences with syntactic causative. Taking our research results and the previous Chinese psych learning research as reference, we give our advice on writing teaching strategies and teaching plans with the hope to help improve the teaching of psych verbs.
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