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dc.contributorTu, Chao-Meien_US
dc.contributor.authorLo, Wei-Hsuanen_US
dc.description.abstract隨著亞洲經濟蓬勃發展,商業界對華語人才之需求大增,商業華語學習者逐年增加,逐漸成為華語文教學的潮流趨勢,美國中學及大學的華語及商業華語課程如雨後春筍般開設。然而綜觀各大學所開設的商業華語課程,幾乎皆要求學生至少修習兩年以上華語課程才可選修,且市面上的商業華語教材亦多適用於中級以上程度的學生。事實上,商業行為與其他專業領域不相同,存在於日常生活當中。若檢視現今初級華語的教材及課程,可發現其內容不但適用於日常溝通,也適用於商業活動相關場合。換句話說,初級華語學習者學習商業華語不無可能。 近年來出現許多初級商業華語之教材,只是這些教材的詞彙量過多,且過於困難,並不適用於華語初學者。初級商業華語教材若要符合初級華語學習者之能力,應予以反向思考──即以初級華語課程教材內容為基礎,控制詞彙增加量,結合商業情境。 本研究據此原則設計一門初級商業華語課程並透過需求分析及行動研究證實:(一)學生及華語教師皆認為此課程轉化模式具實用性。(二)突破詞彙阻礙之課程設計能協助學生將所學順利銜接至商業情境。(三)此課程能拓展商業華語領域,使商業華語不再是中高級華語學習者的專利,以達到有效加速培養商業華語人才之功效。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe demand for Chinese language ability in the business world has increased significantly following the economic blossom of mainland China. Business Chinese is one of the hottest trends in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. With Chinese learners increasing year-over-year, high schools and universities in Western countries have begun offering more Business Chinese courses. Most of the schools offering Business Chinese courses require students to complete at least two years of college-level Chinese coursework before students are eligible to take elective Business Chinese courses. However, the content of Chinese textbooks for beginners applies not only to daily communication, but also to business-related situations. In other words, it is possible for Chinese language novices to learn business Chinese. Even though there are some elementary business Chinese textbooks, they are often filled with massive vocabularies that are unsuitable for beginners. Therefore, to meet the needs of elementary Chinese learners, teachers should assume an opposite approach to the status quo of Business Chinese education; instead of using existing business Chinese textbooks, they should simply adapt material in elementary Chinese textbooks to business context in order to develop Business Chinese coursework suitable for elementary Chinese learners. Through need analysis and action research, this study has proven: (1) both teachers and students believe this transformative model can extend the practicality of current coursework. (2) limiting vocabularies can help students utilize language learned in elementary Chinese courses and actively apply it to business situations, and (3) Business Chinese will no longer be a privilege available solely to higher-level students, thereby accelerating the training process of Business Chinese language learners.en_US
dc.subjectElementary-level Chinese Courseen_US
dc.subjectBusiness Chineseen_US
dc.subjectChinese for specific purposeen_US
dc.subjectCurriculum Designen_US
dc.subjectTeaching Planen_US
dc.titleCourse Design on Business Chinese for Beginners' Level - A Transformative Model for Extending Existing Materialsen_US
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