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Title: 學校社會工作者面臨倫理兩難經驗之探討-以中輟輔導為例
The study of school social workers' experience of ethical dilemma: on serving dropout-guidance
Authors: 王永慈
Keywords: 學校社會工作
school social work
ethical dilemma
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 學校社會工作者進入實務場域中提供服務,常常因著問題的多元複雜性、服務對象的變動性,使服務提供的過程充滿不確定性,如何在不確定性中保障案主的權益、考量及評估案家的功能、整合社區相關資源、維持網絡單位間的合作關係等是學校社會工作者必須面對的挑戰。本文即探討學校社會工作者在提供中輟輔導的過程中面臨的倫理兩難,由於學校社會工作者服務對象以中輟學生佔多數,因此本文聚焦於學校社會工作者提供中輟輔導時面臨的倫理兩難。 本研究採質性研究方法,以滾雪球抽樣的方式訪談新北市、臺北市、新竹市三個區域的學校社會工作者共十一位。研究發現學校社會工作者會面臨不同種類的倫理兩難,依其複雜度分為單一情境單一兩難、單一個案多重兩難、單一情境多重兩難;而影響學校社會工作者兩難抉擇的考量因素包括法律規定、倫理守則、倫理原則、倫理理論、實務智慧、專業團隊的合作程度、實務工作之考量等。學校社會工作者亦反思經驗兩難的過程,並對我國社會工作倫理守則的適用性提出看法。 根據研究結果提出以下建議,包括修訂社會工作倫理守則、增加學校社會工作者參與專業訓練的機會、增加學校社會工作者尋求協助的管道、確立學校社會工作專業制度、重視養成訓練、增加學校社會工作者對個人價值的覺察等。
The complexity of the problem and the inconstancy of the client often cause school social workers to confront with uncertainty during the process of service practice. Ensuring the clients’rights, assessing the client and his/her familys’abilities, integrating community resources, and maintaining the cooperation of all network units are some of the challenges await school social workers. This study discusses about the ethical dilemma that school social workers face during dropout-guidance as drop-outs are the majority of the clients in school. This study is a qualitative research, which uses snowball-sampling approach. 11 school social workers from three regions: Taipei City, New Taipei City, and HsinChu City were interviewed. The finding of the research shows that school social workers face different types of ethical dilemma: single situation with simple dilemma, single object with complex dilemma, single situation with complex dilemma. School social workers’ ethical decision-makings are affected by many factors, such as law and regulation, code of ethics, principal of ethics, practice wisdom, cooperation of the profession, and practice work. Furthermore, school social workers also reflex their experiences of ethical process and provide opinions for code of ethics in social work in Taiwan. The research suggestions are as follow: (1) revision of code of ethics in social work in Taiwan, (2) increase the professional trainings for school social workers, (3) increase the assistant channels for school social workers, (4) ensure the profession working system for social work, (5) emphasize incubation training, (6) increase the awareness of the school social workers toward the value of the individuals.
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