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Title: 親密關係暴力高危險案件實務介入與處遇之探討
An Exploratory Study of Interventions with High-Risk Domestic Violence Victims
Authors: 潘淑滿
Pan, Shu-Man
Chao, Kuo-Yu
Keywords: 高危險案件網絡安全防護行動
Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences
Domestic Violence
Social Work Intervention
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 國內在家庭暴力防治法的立法,透過保護令的聲請對於家庭暴力受暴者的保護、施暴者的約束雖已較以往改善許多,然而對於施暴情形嚴重的相對人或是具有高度危險因素的親密關係暴力受暴者,仍無法完全透過法律的約束保障受暴者的人身安全。在參考英國Cardiff市的Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference(MARAC)後,我國將親密關係暴力危險分級制度,以及跨機構網絡評估與合作引進,以「高危險案件網絡安全防護行動」做為服務模式,提供親密關係暴力高危險程度案主相關服務。回顧國內與高危險案件網絡安全防護行動相關文獻,多聚焦探討危險分級量表的施測,以及高危險案件網絡安全防護行動對於網絡單位之影響。本研究欲聚焦於高危險案件網絡安全防護行動中,社會工作者的處遇與網絡單位合作間的介入,探討社會工作者服務高危險案件的樣貌,包含:高危險案件整個服務過程的脈絡、評估並與案主建立關係、與防治網絡合作介入。 研究透過質性研究之深度訪談法,以半結構的訪談大綱訪談包含台北市與新竹縣共11位提供親密關係暴力高危險案件服務之社會工作者。研究發現,在服務高危險案件時社會工作者的專業判斷,仍為評估親密關係暴力案主危險程度的主要依據。而在處遇的過程中,社會工作者面臨高危險案件網絡安全防護行動與案主自決的矛盾與衝突,而社會工作者也在實務中因應出不同的處理方式。而在防護網絡行動中,仍以警政單位與社政單位的兩方互動為主要的網絡合作,透過網絡會議中擬定之介入策略提供服務。 親密關係暴力高危險案件所涉及的議題廣泛,有賴網絡單位積極介入才能更全面性提供案件處遇與介入。而現行高危險案件網絡安全防護行動中,對於衛政單位提供藥酒癮、精神疾病類型案件介入仍有相當的需求,因此本研究建議應於社區中建立藥酒癮、疑似精神疾病通報機制,提升衛政單位在高危險案件的介入參與層面。並透過建立警政單位在高危險案件上之責任歸屬,提升員警約制告誡之品質。
Although the rights of domestic violence victims have been increasing since the “Domestic Violence Prevention Act” passed, the violence of some very high-danger batterers still cannot be restrained by the law. The experts in Taiwan brought the “Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs)” into practice attempts to protect the safety of very high-risk domestic violence victims, which includes the risk assessments and multi-agency conferences two key elements. The literature reviews finds the existing researches of MARACs all focus on the implements of danger assessments and the influence of MARACs. Therefore this study attempts to explore the interventions of very high-risk domestic violence, explains the process of MARACs, the danger assessments of social workers, and the strategies of MARACs. This qualitative study uses semi-constructed interview guide to interview 11 social workers who work in Taipei City and Hisnchu County. The findings show that the assessments still depend on the professional knowledge of social workers. There is always paradox of the self-determination of clients and MARACs in the intervention process. Only the police and social service system attend MARACs and implement the strategies more effectively. The very high-risk domestic violence cases involve many different kinds of issues, and it depends on each agency to attend MARACs and implement the strategies actively. Because of the lack of the effective role of Health Department in MARACs, and the cases always involve the issues of alcohol and drug addiction or psychiatry. The study suggests Health Department to set up the notification systems in communities to increase the role and function of Health Department in MARACs. Besides, the police could build up the case responsibilities of the police officer to improve the standard of the warning to batterers.
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