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Title: 台灣兒童暨家庭扶助基金會受扶助青年的社會關係與金錢態度之初探
Authors: 王永慈
Keywords: 受助青年
the youth recipients
social relationship
money attitude
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討受扶助青年的金錢態度,也想針對經濟弱勢的家庭對其金錢態度的影響作進一步的瞭解。同時,此階段的青少年正處於追求同儕認同的時期,會出現情感上的需求,特別是重要他人,如家庭、師長、同儕等情感上的支持。因此研究者更感興趣的是家庭、師長及同儕關係對受助青年的金錢態度之影響。 本研究採用次級資料分析,以台灣貧窮兒少資料庫-台灣兒童及少年長期追蹤調查的第二版自填問卷所蒐集的資料,進行分析。從中篩選出年滿19歲以上且在學的大學生之受助青年。依據研究目的以描述性統計、信度分析、獨立樣本t檢定、變異數分析、相關分析、迴歸分析等方式加以檢驗。 研究結果如下: 1.個人背景變項發現性別在預算、品質、權力-名望等三個面向上有顯著差異,年齡與權力-名望面向有正相關。 2.家庭背景變項與金錢態度均無差異。 3.受助青年的社會關係可以預測與解釋金錢態度。
The purpose of this study is to explore the money attitude of the youth recipients. Researcher would also like to further understand how economically disadvantaged families affect their money attitude. Meanwhile, the young people of this stage is in the pursuit of identifying yourself with a period, there will be emotional needs, especially significant others, such as family, teachers, and peers. Therefore, researcher is more interested in the relationship between families, teachers and peers on the money attitudes of the youth recipients. This study used secondary data analysis, and the database was Taiwan Panel Study of Children and Youth. Samples were drawn from the recipients of the college students at least 19 years of age and in school. According to the study purpose and hypotheses, we used descriptive statistics, reliability, independent sample t test, ANOVA, correlation analysis, regression analysis, to be tested. The results showed: 1. The gender variable makes significant differences on budget, quality, and power- prestige aspects of the money attitudes. Their age is significantly correlated with their power- prestige dimensions. 2. There is no difference between family background variables and money attitude. 3. From the youth recipients’ social relations, their money attitude can be effectively predicted and explained.
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