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Title: 「我在寄養家庭的日子」~結束寄養安置個案之寄養歷程的回溯性研究
Authors: 彭淑華
Keywords: 寄養安置個案
the cases are placed in foster care
foster care placement process
eco-systems perspective
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究探究兒童及少年在寄養安置歷程中的生活樣貌,瞭解被安置個案在寄養安置期間與生活環境的交流及互動,以及他們在寄養安置過程中的經驗與感受,並瞭解寄養安置歷程帶來的意義。本研究以結束寄養安置個案為研究對象,採用質性研究方法中的深度訪談法進行,共訪談9位有寄養安置經驗的受訪者。 研究發現,被安置個案因原生家庭不穩定的因素,在不同的成長階段,進入寄養服務系統中,研究者將寄養安置歷程劃分為進入寄養家庭、寄養安置生活期間與結束寄養安置的階段進行討論,了解兒童及少年的寄養經驗: 一、進入寄養家庭階段:兒童及少年是被安置進入寄養服務系統中,此時的她們對於寄養安置的資訊是很模糊的,加上帶著既期待又怕受傷害的心情入住到寄養家庭,若寄養家庭給予較多的支持與關懷,是有助於兒童及少年降低焦慮感受。 二、寄養安置的生活期間:從生態系統觀點探討微觀系統中寄養生活的樣貌,兒童及少年可以獲得相較穩定的家庭生活,但是有管控的生活規範與空間,期間與寄養家庭的衝突經驗來自管教方式、權益爭取與負向的評價,因此,出現轉換安置的意願。在與中介系統的互動中,發現安置過中與原生家庭互動稀少,在學校中對袒露寄養身分的意願低,及看待社工人員的角色像是很重要的陌生人。 三、結束寄養安置的階段:被安置個案的聲音未被納入結案的決定中,並且在離開寄養系統之後,生活現況是沒有依靠的獨立生活。 根據以上的結論,本研究針對寄養安置服務實務的輸送層面、政策層面,以及未來研究的部分提出相關的建議,期待藉由被安置個案在寄養安置歷程中的經驗,提供寄養服務工作之參考,並提升寄養服務的內涵,促使達成寄養服務的目的。
This study explored the life appearance of children and adolescents in foster care placement process, learn about the interaction with the living environment, and what their experience and feelings in the foster care placement course, and the meaning of the foster care placement course for them. The researcher uses qualitative research methods to carry out in-depth interviews with nine interviewees who have had the experience of foster care placement in the past . The study found that they came from the original family instability ,and the placement cases enter the foster care system in different stages. The researcher divides the foster placement process into three stage:“entering foster homes”,“life in foster care system”,“leaving foster care placement”. The conclusions are as follow: 1. Entering foster homes: Children and teenages were placed into the foster care system, their information is very vague, and coupled with look forward to the mood of fear of getting hurt with foster families.The foster parents to give more support and caring, it would be help children and adolescents to reduce anxiety. 2. Life in foster care system: According to the eco-systems perspective, explore the foster life looks children and teenagers can be obtained the stable life, but life specifications and space are controled, the conflict experience with the foster family from the parenting style, interests fight and the negative evaluation, therefore, they want to conversion placed. Interaction with the intermediary system, incluging of original family, school, and social workers. 3. Leaving foster care placement: the voice of the placement cases were not included in the decision to close the case, and after leaving the foster care system, the status of life did not rely on. According to the conclusion, this study provide some suggestion to the practical work and the child welfare policy , as well as future researches. We look forward to provide foster care services by the experience of the cases are placed in foster care, and to enhance the connotation of foster care services, to promote the purpose of foster care services.
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