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Title: 志工管理者之工作及與不符期待志工相處經驗初探
An Exploratary Study of Volunteer Manager's Work and Interaction Experience with Incompetent Volunteer
Authors: 沈慶盈
Ching-Ying Shen
Tzu-Han Hsiao
Keywords: 志工管理者
volunteer manager
incompetent volunteer
volunteer service
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究從志工管理者的角度出發,探討台北市之醫學中心、區域醫院與地區醫院三種層級之醫院志工管理者之工作經驗。由於過去較少有人談論志工管理者面對不符期待志工之工作經驗,加上統計資料驗證,醫療院所是運用志工人數及時數最多與最穩定的單位,故選擇醫療領域做為研究場域。本研究為質性研究,使用深度訪談法對9位志工管理者進行研究訪談,探討醫院的志工管理與運用、志工管理者工作內容、志工管理者與志工之相處與互動經驗,並將不符期待志工事件以故事方式呈現志工管理者所遇到的不符期待志工與處理過程。 研究結果發現: 1.各家醫院都有自己的志工管理辦法與管理守則,但未嚴格執行。僅有一家醫院嚴格進行考核,且志工大多能配合完成。 2.醫院本身無提供志工管理的課程與訓練,相關部門所開設的課程也不是很符合需求。 3.志工管理者皆對志工的努力與付出給予高度評價,認為志工能協助行政庶務、提供支援與直接服務、降低醫院人事成本,且有助於提升醫院形象。而志工隊的維持成本過高,及服務不佳、損及醫院形象則是可能的負面影響。 4.志工管理者的工作內容偏行政,支持與調解的功能較少發揮。 5.大部分的志工管理者認為應與志工維持伙伴關係,但亦有部份管理者想與志工保持界線,維持公事公辦的關係。 6.志工管理者的工作困境包括:運用單位干擾或對志工過度期待、主管的指導與支持不足、志工管理者缺乏實權無法落實管理辦法、資深志工抗拒改變等。 7.志工管理者幾乎都遇過岀現不符期待行為的志工,主要是進行勸導。有明顯違反規定、行為非偶發及影響民眾權益與安全的行為則會請其離開。 文末根據研究結果對主管機關、醫院主管與志工管理者分別提出建議。
This study is from the perspective of volunteer managers’s experience who is working in medical centers, regional hospitals and district hospitals, three levels of hospitals in Taipei. Because there was few studies talk about the experience of incompetent volunteer, coupled with statistical data validation, the number of hospitals is the use of volunteer with the largest number of the most stable unit, so choose the medical field as a research field. This study is a qualitative research, use the depth interviews of nine volunteer managers interviewed for the study to explore the management and use of hospital volunteers, volunteer managers work content, to get along with the experience of volunteers and the managers. And use the story to presented manager’s experience and process of incompetent volunteer. The results showed: 1. Every hospital has its own volunteer management practices, but not strictly enforced. Only one hospital rigorous for assessment, and volunteers can acceptable and coordinate with it. 2. The hospital can not providing volunteer management courses and training, although relevant departments offered the course but are not very inline with demand. 3. All the volunteer manager give volunteers great appraisement, they think volunteers can help for administration general service、provide support and direct service、reduce the cost of personnel in hospital, also can enhance the image of hospitals. But high operating costs of volunteer team、service is not very good、and harm the image of hospitals could be negative effects. 4. Volunteer manager’s work content are partial in administration work, less develop support and mediation functions. 5. Most volunteer manager want to maintain partnership with volunteers, but some volunteer manager think that business is business and wants to maintain boundaries. 6. Volunteer manager’s dilemma of work including:The use of volunteer unit has too much expect to volunteers、supervisor cat not provide enough support and guidance、lack of power to execute the management practices、and senior volunteers resistant to change. 7. Volunteer manager are almost have the experience in incompetent volunteer,when they run into the situation, they mainly to persuade. Unless the situation is clear violation、not a chance event、affect the rights and security of people, volunteer manager wont asked volunteer to leave. Finally according to the findings, researcher give some advice for the hospital manager and the volunteer manager.
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