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Title: 經歷婚姻暴力女性母職實踐經驗之研究
From the experiences of battered women in the motherhood
Authors: 劉曉春
Liu, xiao-chun
Lin, chia-lin
Keywords: 婚暴女性
Battered Female
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究嘗試跳脫人們習慣以放大鏡看待婚暴女性母職實踐困境,而改採與經歷親密暴力女性一起重新理解自己為母經驗作為研究目的。本研究深度訪談六位婚暴女性的母性(mothering)與母職(motherhood)經驗,並透過其實踐母性和理解母職的經驗敘說,再現婚暴女性為母則強的母職實踐樣貌。資料鋪陳方面,研究者首先透過五個面向的經驗,再現婚暴女性母性(mothering)實踐經驗:(1)保護孩子,(2)以孩子為中心,(3)肩負經濟重擔,(4)單獨承擔教養責任,(5)陪伴孩子走過婚姻暴力影響。其次,透過婚暴女性不悔親密關係結束、離家勇氣、為了自己與孩子努力生活三個面向的經驗敘說,呈現她們如何在他人正負面評價和自己不服輸心態中,努力實踐為母則強的樣貌。透過上述婚暴女性為母則強經驗之再現,研究者發現孩子牽動着婚暴女性之母職實踐路徑,孩子讓婚暴女性更堅強,激發出她們生命中的韌性,也活出另一種婚暴女性的生活樣貌。
The purpose of this study is to against the negative imaginations toward battered female’s mothering. Through in-depth interviews with six mothers who had been battered by their spouses, their mothering experiences are illustrated and analyzed in this research. The analysis reveals that being abused changed and shaped their experiences of motherhood and that they faced complex mothering challenges. Being a mother nevertheless acted as a buffer against the abuse and turned out as a source of strength. The findings extend our understanding of the complexities of mothering in the context of abuse and provide directions for practical support for battered mothers.
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