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Title: 台北縣市婚姻暴力防治網絡合作經驗─民間社會工作者之觀點
The Experience of Cooperating network in Domestic violence prevention in Taipei city and Taipei County ─ The Views of social workers in NGO
Authors: 王永慈
Keywords: 婚姻暴力防治網絡
marital violence prevention networks
civil marital violence prevention organizations
the network experience of cooperation
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 婚姻暴力防治網絡需要透過不同專業的合作來提供受害者完善的服務,而民間婚暴防治機構在網絡裡扮演的角色已越來越重要,本研究主要是藉著台北縣市民間婚暴防治社工和督導的合作經驗,瞭解他們在網絡合作所面臨的狀況,分析其採取的因應方式,並呈現民間婚暴社工與督導防治網絡的想法。 本研究以深入訪談法蒐集資料,共訪談了台北縣市4名婚暴防治社工與4名督導。研究發現在民間婚暴防治社工和督導在網絡合作方式上,可分為明文規定的合作會議和非正式的溝通聯繫;合作對象則主要有警政、衛政和司法,家防中心對於防治網絡也有正向的影響。在經驗分析的部分,網絡成員的態度、信念、專業角色和權力結構影響著社工的感受,社工和督導遇到問題時會持續與成員溝通,機構也會增加社工在網絡合作的理論知識和實務經驗。在防治網絡的看法上,社工和督導期待與政府是平等關係,認為婚姻暴力防治工作需要不同專業的投入,當每個專業人員都能各司其職時,網路便已經開始運作,此外,防治工作的責任不應該由單一專業負責,在網絡裡的專業人員應共同分擔責任,一起為婚姻暴力防治網絡而努力。
Domestic violence prevention network needs through collaboration between different professions to provide comprehensive services. Civil marital violence prevention agencies in the network have become an increasingly important role. This study is about social workers and supervises’ experience of cooperation, what they need to face when cooperating in the network, what they to analyze their coping strategies, and what the social workers and supervises’ of civil marital violence prevention network. This study interview four social workers and four supervises who work in Taipei city and county .The cooperation in the network can be divided into co-operation conference and informal communication. Police system, Health system, Governance and Justice system are included during cooperation. Also the Domestic violence center also has a positive impact for this network. Members of the network's attitudes, beliefs and professional roles and power structures affect the experience of social workers. Social workers and supervises continue communicating with members, institutions also increase cooperation in social network theory and practical experience. Social workers and supervises are looking forward having an equal relations with the government. Different profession need to join in domestic violence network. When everyone can perform their duties, the network will already working during cooperation. In addition, the responsibility for prevention and treatment should not be responsible for only one profession. Profession in the network should share responsibility and work together.
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