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Title: 提供目睹婚姻暴力兒童服務社工之處遇經驗
Authors: 彭淑華
Keywords: 婚姻暴力
domestic violence
children exposed to domestic violence
social worker
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 中文摘要 在台灣,目睹兒童服務已發展一段時間,目睹兒童服務多分散在婦保機構、兒保機構、家庭暴力暨性侵害防治中心以及以目睹兒童為主要服務對象的單位,在不同的機構中,目睹兒童的介入計劃與處遇方式也相異,社工多元的處遇經驗值得深入探討,且整合社工員之處遇經驗對於睹兒童服務的推展是有相當的重要性與必要性,透過經驗的統整,能提升目睹兒童服務提供者工作效能與服務品質,也能促進其合作,建立夥伴關係,共同合作推展目睹兒童的處遇工作。 本研究以提供目睹兒童服務之社工為研究對象,採用質性研究方法中的深度訪談法進行,瞭解社工員如何看待目睹兒童、探討社工員之處遇經驗,以及社工員如何看處遇服務對目睹兒童影響,研究共訪談十位社工員。研究發現,社工員除了看到目睹兒童之負向特質,也看到目睹兒童發展出正向能量與展現復原力,此外,從社工員與暴力家庭互動過程中,可以看見家庭問題即是兒童問題,「家庭一體」的重要性是不可忽略的,以家庭整體(包含加害人、受暴者與目睹兒童)做為介入焦點之服務方式相當重要。為建構目睹兒童完善支持系統,社工員必須與服務網絡建立密切的合作關係,像是婦保社工、校園教師,共同創造目睹兒童的未來。 本文文末提出相關的討論與建議,期待藉由本研究結果,累積台灣本土提供目睹兒童服務之經驗,促進目睹兒童處遇工作之發展。
Abstract The service to take care of the children exposed to domestic violence has been developed for quite a while in Taiwan. These services are mostly available at several organizations, including children protection agencies, women protection agencies, Center for Domestic Violence And The Sexual Assault Prevention, and the ones whose main caring targets are those children. Different treatment plans and methods of intervention are applied to diverse organizations. And as such, it is worthwhile to look into the diverse experience of intervention that social workers have, since the integration of social workers' experiences with intervention is not only significant, but essential to the promotion of services for children exposed to domestic violence. The integration of existing experiences would no doubt improve the efficacy of service providers and the quality of services. In addition, it could built partnership so that service providers would cooperate to promote interventions for children exposed to domestic violence. In this research, social workers assisting children exposed to domestic violence have been chosen as the subjects for the study. The in-depth interview technique of the qualitative research methods has been adopted to understand the social workers’ points of view towards those children and to discuss their experiences with intervention and their perception on influences of intervention on the children. A total of ten social workers have been interviewed in this research. Findings from the research indicate that social workers not only get the opportunity to witness the negative traits of children exposed to domestic violence, they also witness the positive energy and the resilience made by the children. In addition, the findings also suggest that social workers associate family problems with children problems from their interaction with violent families. In other words, there is no denying the importance of “family as a cohesive unit” and it is imperative to acknowledge the importance of intervention that focus on "family as an entity” (which includes the batterers, the victim of domestic violence and children exposed to domestic violence). In order to construct a comprehensive support system for children exposed to domestic violence, social workers need to form a close relationship of collaboration with the service network (including social workers for woman protection agencies, teachers and so forth) to creat a better future for these children. The dissertation concludes with a discussion and recommendations for social workers. Hopefully the results of the research could benefit the accumulation of experiences of helping children exposed to domestic violence in Taiwan and facilitation of development for appropriate interventions.
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