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Title: 三鶯橋下的「天堂」~恩加在三鶯部落的服務軌跡
Authors: 王永慈
Keywords: 都市原住民
urban indigenous
the Sanying tribe
the Enjia Poor Family Association
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 三鶯部落的出現可追溯至1960年代台灣採取以出口加工導向的經濟政策。為了找尋更多的就業機會、更大的經濟收入,原住民離開原鄉來到都市。卻因無法負擔高額的房屋租賃費用等種種因素,只能在都會邊緣覓地築屋,自成一個居住品質較差的小型聚落。「恩加貧困家庭協會」看到了三鶯橋下這群阿美族的困境,從「街頭圖書館」開始,持續不斷的對這群弱勢的三鶯部落居民付出關心、提供服務,瞭解他們的生活困境,滿足他們的生活需求。 本研究即是探討結合恩加執行長訪視第四世界運動理念感受過去在快樂兒童中心服務經驗,與三鶯部落共同工作的歷程,並納入多元文化的觀點,不僅只是表面上的尊重差異、理解文化差異,更重視造成差異的權利關係,揭露權利不當的壓制,而從承認弱勢族群的內涵與尊嚴,提升弱勢族群的地位。本文以深度訪談法為主,針對恩加的工作人員、志工,以及參與這些方案活動的三鶯部落居民用他們自己的語言詮釋恩加對於三鶯部落原住民這十幾年來付諸的心力。並輔以參與觀察法,直接親身經驗恩加的服務如何存在於三鶯部落居民的生活中。儘可能呈現以漢人工作者為主體的機構如何在沒有刻意強調多元文化社會工作,卻憑藉服務提供的過程中發展出一套屬於恩加與三鶯部落居民獨特的服務提供模式。 研究發現服務方案之所以能有今天穩定的發展,歸功於恩加堅持「愛與付出」和「陪伴」的信念,強調兒童的受教權,免於剝削與忽略與重視族群文化差異,透過個案服務、團體服務與社區服務的方法,與原住民的成人與兒童建立信任與友善的關係,不僅提供物質生活使其免於飢寒交迫,同時給予愛與關懷,讓缺乏照顧與關愛的孩子們能體會被愛的感受,進而培養愛人的能力,也是恩加在三鶯部落服務方案最初與最終的價值與目的。
The Sanying tribe can track their origin to the 1960’s. Taiwan’s economical policy was export processing at that time. In order to obtain more chances and to earn more money, these urban indigenous were left their home-towns for the cities. But the high rental costs for housing made these villages build small shantytowns on the edge of the city with little quality of life. ‘Enjia Poor Family Association’ (temporary translation) was founded in 1996 to provide services, to help improve living standard, understand their difficulties, and satisfy their basic needs. This research focuses on the ‘Enjia Poor Family Association-- whose principle are based on ‘Mouvement ATD Quart Monde’ -- Through interaction with the tribe people via interview and observation a unique model was develop to understand the socio-economic and culture in the group. The key findings are that these services programs should have stable development, because of the convictions of love and companionship, through case study, group , and community projects, to establish trust and friendly relations with the Sanying tribe. The values and goals of the ‘Enjia Poor Family Association’ is not only to provide the basic needs, but also to give love and care, let the children of the Sanying tribe experience love and human kindness.
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