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Title: 我的社會工作督導之歌:女性中階主管的故事
Melody of being a social work supervisor:stories of a female mid-level executive
Authors: 王永慈
Wang, Yeong-Tsyr
Wang, Chuan-Hui
Keywords: 社工督導
Social work supervioir
Female mid-level executive
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 成為一個督導,就是一條開啟重新探索自己的路。我從一開始沒有預期自己成為社工督導,到逐步累積督導經驗,一路風風雨雨,走來艱辛卻又令人欣喜。 藉著探究這條督導之歌,敘說自己於社工督導歷程的故事,理解在督導過程中經歷的痛楚、苦難和障礙,走過破碎、再修復、轉化而變得更強大;讓我透過內觀,重整歷年的經歷,形塑出自己的督導風格與特色,蛻變與修練成新的自我,而我也接受並欣賞這樣的自己,更有動力願意繼續承諾置身投入於社工專業中。 督導必須擁有自動定準的能力,以在面臨各樣處境都能安然自處。特別是身為女性,因性別帶來的權威議題干擾、訓練與升遷機會的性別不平等、設立性別界線的挑戰、質疑女性主管能力等挑戰,更需有辨識與處理社工個人議題的能力,同時敏感性別議題、政府政策與組織方向,看懂自己身為中階主管的生態系統,是如何受此牽動,並能妥善應用領導與管理的角色功能,而能在社工移情與反轉移之時,認出個人議題背後的脈絡,並能產生對應的策略,以協助社工員能成為有效能、提供妥善服務的助人工作者。 然除了督導本身需持續磨練專業技術、強化督導能力、建構社工督導與管理的知識,持守督導價值之外,機構也必須投入相對等的支援與資源,提供專業訓練與知能提升的管道,創造一個適合督導生存及養成的環境,使督導能在其中發展功能。 期盼透過我的故事,提供預備進入督導之路的伙伴一些參考,同時也能成為同行者的滋養,願意於未來能與我共同在督導的路上生根、發芽、茁壯,在社工大業中成為盟友,一起奮戰,譜出屬於我們自己的督導之歌。
As a supervior, it is a new path to self-exploring. In the beginning, I have never expected to be a social work supervioir someday; however, it have been through many obstacles, undertake an arduous journey as well as with joy from long experience. With this “Melody” to express the stories of social work supervisor journey that guide to understand its experience of suffering, difficulty and obstacle which under the supervision process; all of broken, recovery and transferred that brought people stronger than ever. Through self-observation from long experience to mold my own supervision style and characteristic that brings a brand new me; it was acceptable and appreciated this change which also stimulate me to commit myself into social work field. Supervisors must have good stability so that they can deal with all kinds of accidental difficulties and challenges easily. Especially as women, because of gender-inequity issues, such as the inequality to access training, unequal opportunities of promotion, and questioning the ability of female executives, a female mid-level executive like me needs to have more capacity to identify and deal with issues of personal. She must be sensitive to not only gender issues, but also the government policy, as well as the direction of her organization; therefore, she can understand how she has been affected in her working ecosystem, and then can properly apply leadership and the function of management role to assist social workers in recognizing the real context behind their personal issues. Helping them become efficient and professional helpers who can provide with prompt services even when they find themselves are struggling with complex transference and counter-transference. However, in addition to that supervisors need to continue to practice their professional skills, strengthen the ability of supervision, build up the knowledge of social work supervision and management, and comply with the ethics in supervision, their organizations must also invest relatively enough amount of supports and resources – such as providing professional training, offering opportunities for knowledge and skills learning, and creating a suitable working environment where supervisors can stay and develop themselves comfortably. I hope through my own stories, not only providing valuable reference and advice to partners who is preparing a path of becoming a supervisor, but also being the nourishment to make them willing to learn, to grow and to expand with me. Eventually, we fight together as important partners in the field of Social Work. Let’s compose our own melody of being a social work supervisor!
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