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Title: 社會工作碩士陸生之跨文化學習經驗初探
Cross-Cultural Learning Experience of the Mainland China Graduate Social Work Students
Authors: 王永慈
Yuan, Lin
Keywords: 社會工作
Social Work
Mainland Chinese Students
Cross Cultural Learning Experience
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 2011年為台灣招收中國大陸學生來台就讀學位的第一年,近年來,台灣有關「陸生」的研究也越來越多,結合中國大陸社會工作的發展背景以及研究者的個人經驗,研究者欲瞭解在台學習社會工作的碩士陸生,其來台就讀的動機和選校歷程為何,以及跨文化學習的經驗為何。基於此,研究者招募到五位在大台北地區就讀社會工作的碩士陸生,採用質性研究的方法,對其進行半結構式訪談,研究發現: 1、 陸生來台就讀的動機主要是認可台灣社工教育的專業性。 2、 陸生在台的學習為跨文化的學習,面對來自課堂、實習和自身身份帶來的不同壓力,做出調適最終達致成長。 3、 來自台灣社會的支持可以幫助陸生更好地調適學習狀態。 最後,研究者針對台灣社會工作教育和在台社工陸生方面提出不同的建議。
2011 is the first year that mainland Chinese students are accepted in Taiwan to pursue degrees. Recent years have witnessed a sharp increasing of the study on mainland Chinese students in Taiwan. Concerning to the background of the development of social work in the mainland and my personal learning experience, I want to know why the mainland Chinese students chose to study social work in Taiwan and what are their learning experiences like? Based on that, the researcher interviewed five mainland China graduate social work students that are in the Greater Taipei area and the results show that: A. The students are attracted by the professional social work development in Taiwan; B. The students are faced with different pressure when they learned in Taiwan because of the cross-cultural learning experience. However, the students adapted and grew up eventually. C. The social support from Taiwan citizens can be helpful for the mainland Chinese students to adjust their learning status. At last, the researcher put forward some suggestions for the social work educators and the mainland social work students in Taiwan.
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