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Title: 正向交響曲:兒少保社工正向實務經驗之研究
A Positive Symphony: The Exploration of Social Workers’ Positive Practical Experience in the Child and Youth Protection Service
Authors: 沈慶盈
Shen, Ching-Ying
Liu, Yen-Ling
Keywords: 兒保社會工作
social worker in the child and youth protection service
the positive practical experiences
the negative practical experiences
the process of positive practical experiences.
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 兒保工作是社會工作專業重要的服務領域。社工界對兒保工作領域印象多為「三高」:高工時、高案量、高壓力,社工流動率大,往往我們看見的是情緒勞動、替代性創傷和威脅人身安全等負向經驗。然而,仍有一群在兒保領域努力耕耘的社會工作者,讓他們持續投入兒保工作的正向力量是什麼?是如何支持他們,持續在工作崗位為個案服務? 本研究為瞭解兒保社工在工作中不同階段的實務歷程、探討兒保社工如何將負向實務經驗轉化為正向之歷程,以及發掘兒保社工所具備的正向實務經驗,採質化研究以深度訪談法訪談7位兒保社工,並以主題分析法進行資料分析。研究結果首先呈現7位兒保社工的故事,進而整理兒保社工從負向實務經驗轉為正向實務經驗的4個階段,每位兒保社工經歷負向經驗時,雖經過手忙腳亂的混亂,總能接受面對,依靠自己、家庭和組織的力量復原,最後克服及超越逆境。而在實務歷程中,兒保社工主要從正向特質、工作本身、個案服務經驗、及家庭、組織和社區環境等的支持獲得正向實務經驗而願意繼續往前。 最後研究建議以個人實務層面而言,兒保社工應要重視自我照顧、持續學習且正向改變、維繫社會支持網絡;組織制度方面應辦理有效的教育訓練、管理階層課程參與、督導角色保持彈性、建立正向的工作氛圍、推廣令人安心的員工協助方案;而社會環境層面則加強社會工作教育以及鼓勵建構「磁吸」的正向工作環境。
The child and youth protection service is an important field in social work. In this field, it is known that social workers have a lot of negative experiences, such as emotional labor, vicarious traumatization and risk of personal safety, which are influenced by longworking hours, a heavy caseload and working under great stress. However, a number of social workers still intend to work in the child and youth protection service. What are the positive practical experiences to encourage them to continue working in the field? The aim of this study was to describe the process of social workers’ practical experiences, explore how to transform the negative practical experiences into positive by social workers, and examine what the positive practical experiences of social workers have in the child and youth protection service. Qualitative data were gathered via in-depth interviews with seven social workers who were collected by purposive sampling in the child and youth protection service. Using thematic analysis method analyzed the data. This research results present as follows: 1.The seven social workers’ practical experience in the child and youth protection service. 2.The process of social workers transform the negative practical experiences into positive, including social workers are at a loss in working, reform the progress of work, make a recovery by individual, family and organizational resources as well as move forward beyond the negative practical experiences. 3.In the child and youth protection service, social workers have the positive practical experiences including positive personal positive traits, service cases experiences and family, organizational as well as environmental supports. According to the research results, practical recommendations in the child and youth protection service as follows: 1.At the personal level, social workers should care about self-care, continuous learning, to maintain the social support networks, to move forward beyond the negative practical experiences and find the positive practical experiences. 2.At the organizational level, organizations should provide social workers with effective employee training, a flexible supervision, a positive working atmosphere and private employee assistance programs. 3.At the institutional level, social work field should be concerned about social work educations and build a magnet positive working environment.
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