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Title: 觸法少年成年後重回社會之正向主觀經驗
The journey of grown-up juvenile delinquents developing positive subjective experiences after returning to society
Authors: 王永慈
Lee, Hao-Yun
Keywords: 觸法少年
juvenile delinquents
return to society
positive subjective experiences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究欲探討過去曾為觸法少年之成年人,其成年後選擇重回社會,並持續於社會上穩定發展,以致終能獲得正向主觀經驗之歷程。研究主要透過質性訪談法,深入去瞭解六位曾從事觸法行為、有接受司法處遇之少年,其於早期成長背景、歷經觸法事件與司法處遇階段,至日後重回社會、並於社會上發展出正向主觀經驗的歷程與脈絡。 研究發現,參與研究的六位受訪者,他們在觸法事件發生前的早期生命歷程中,充滿著各式各樣酸甜苦辣的生活經驗,包含經歷動盪的家庭氛圍、在學校亦屬於課業被邊緣化的學生等;因此,他們的早期生活重心遂趨向於社會上摸索,而普遍有著多采多姿的社交生活。而至觸法事件與司法處遇階段,屬於受訪者們生命歷程的轉折期;因著觸法事件爆發,改寫受訪者們既有的慣性生活模式,並隨著司法處遇與社政系統的資源挹注,使他們的生活圈中多了正向資源的協助與充權,家庭內部的正向環境亦逐漸興起。在這些內外在資源的協助下,受訪者們此階段已產生改變現狀、欲重回社會好好生活的動機。爾後,再度出社會時,受訪者們帶著強烈的使命感與人生目標,於自身認為值得投入之領域,深入地紮根與發展;多年下來,終能於自身的發展領域中找到自己的立足點,得以從中獲得正向主觀經驗。因此,研究最後根據受訪者們一路以來的發展情形與需求,針對教育體系、職場發展,以及其他社會工作可提供服務之層面,提出相關之建議。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the positive subjective experiences from the grown-up juvenile delinquents deciding to return to society and developing well. There were six grown-up juvenile delinquents participating in this study, and in-depth interviews were used to understand the journey about how they developed positive subjective experiences. According to the research findings, there were many ups and downs through these six grown-up juvenile delinquents’ early years, such as unstable families and being marginalized in school. Thus, they turned to focus on their social lives. However, their lives changed when they broke the law and received judicial interventions. With judicial interventions and resources from social affairs systems, they had the motivations to change their status quo. These social resources also strengthen their family bonds. From then on, these juvenile delinquents nourished strong dedication to the fields that worth development. After several years, they now have stable lives and could attain positive subjective experiences from their careers or lives. Lastly, based on the results of this study, we make policy recommendations, including education systems, workplaces and social services.
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