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Title: 單車另類觀光:臺灣單車族跨歐旅程實踐之研究
Cycling Tourism as Alternative Tourism: On the Practice of Taiwanese Cycling Travel in Europe
Authors: 賴嘉玲
Chia-Ling Lai
Ting-Yu Chen
Keywords: 單車觀光
cycling tourism
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究以日漸興起的臺灣單車族跨歐旅遊之現象來討論單車跨歐旅程的另類之處為何。以行動者網路理論(ANT)的角度切入探討單車跨歐旅程實踐的過程,釐清單車跨歐旅行的獨特性。本研究將研究對象分為兩大類,分別從自由行與參加單車團前往歐洲單車旅行的旅者來討論。以單車旅行出版遊記、單車旅者部落格遊記與赴歐單車旅行團的資訊為研究文本,討論單車旅者如何藉由單車旅行從臺灣建構另類歐洲的可能性,以及他們如何形構臺灣單車旅者對歐洲的想像,甚至是單車旅者對自己於旅程中身體上的想像。並從物質層面上分析單車旅者專業的打包實踐,探討旅程中所涉及的物質性(materiality)與流動性(mobility),以及這些物質性與流動性如何與歐洲環境、道路系統及新科技交織,形成促使或限制單車旅者移動的符擔性(affordance)。 在探討單車旅者跨歐之旅的體現過程上,輔以對自由行與單車團單車旅者各五位進行的深度訪談,並實際參與單車團於歐洲荷蘭路段的旅程,加入部分田野觀察資料為參考。旅者與單車共同組成的「單車—人」混合體,一同完成旅程,單車使旅者能夠深入異質空間與在地有更多的互動連結,沿途所經的道路成了單車旅者體驗的重點。旅者於旅程中有著獨特的觀看體驗,單車旅行使單車旅者得以打破窗戶框架,盡情享受流動視野。而在觀看之外,旅者因跟外界直接接觸,環境、地形、天氣變化,皆讓旅者身體有著汗水與疼痛的可能,甚至獨行旅者於旅程中,心理上孤寂的感受等,都是構成單車跨歐之旅的另類體驗重點。 在旅程之外,更進一步討論這樣的單車跨歐旅遊何以形成一股新的旅行風潮,在臺灣觀光文化中逐漸群聚成以同好感為群聚因素的新部落(neo-tribe)。無論單車旅者是基於另類、創意、冒險、環保等各種不同動機而踏上旅程,歐洲對臺灣單車旅者而言,是相對舒適的單車旅行目的地,單車跨歐旅程更是臺灣旅者另類旅遊表現的一種途徑,透過單車旅行對歐洲的建構提供另一種視野與體驗。
With the increase of Taiwanese cycling tourism in Europe, this research aims at exploring the uniqueness of cycling travel in Europe for Taiwanese. This research draws on Actor-Network Theory (ANT) to examine the practice of Taiwanese cycling travel in Europe in order to clarify its distinctiveness, including independent traveler and package traveler in Europe. Published books and blogs on cycling travel writing and the information about the cycling tour trip to Europe are used as materials for this thesis. The focus is put on how cycling travelers construct their alternative European traveling experiences, their unique imagination about Europe, and the imagination toward the limit of their own body during the trip. The practice of packing for cycling travelers involves professional skills and relates to materiality they need to tackle with and mobility issue throughout the journey. Different objects and mobilities interacting with the environment, the road system of Europe and the new-technology they use form the affordance that enables or limits the move of bicycle traveler. In the discussion of the embodiment of the cycling trip to Europe, in-depth interview is used, and I also participated in the cycling tour in the Netherlands to enrich part of the research. During the journey, travelers and bikes form a ‘bicycle-human’ hybrid; together they experience the whole trip. Cycling travel enables travelers to enter heterogeneous space, to have deeper interaction with the locals, to glance panoramically, to experience mobility of vision in a frameless way. Aside from visual experience, cycling travelers build their European experience through tactile, hearing, different other senses together with their bikes, the physically painful experience of their body, and the loneliness they feel mentally. Road plays an important role as the place of where these experiences take place. Furthermore, I try to discuss how cycling travel in Europe has gradually become a trend for certain people in Taiwan. Having similar lifestyle, they have formed a newly appeared neo-tribe based on the same interest in cycling travel in Europe. For Taiwanese travelers, cycling travel in Europe is a way of demonstrating alternative style of travel, and an alternative view on the traveling experience of Europe.
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