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Title: 《情遇巴塞隆納》與電影觀光
Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Film Tourism
Authors: 劉以德
Keywords: 目的地意象
Destination Image
Film Tourism
Tourist Motivation
Tourism Semiotics
Narrative Analysis
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究建立在電影觀光、目的地意象研究領域,旨在探討電影影像影響觀光時的魅力、媒體與觀光目的地意象的關聯、電影建構觀光符號的過程、以及電影觀光景點的真實性等議題。本研究期盼以此研究,瞭解觀光局在以電影打造觀光景點魅力時,所需注意的要點。本研究發想來自Newsweek全球新聞雜誌亞洲版2011年十一月份的旅遊專欄,該專欄將好萊屋電影《情遇巴塞隆納》名為最佳十二部旅遊電影之一。本研究是以此電影作為引例,探討以下四個研究目的:電影影像對觀眾的影響、電影媒體對目的地意象的影響、電影建立觀光符號的方式、以及電影景點真實性的特點。基於觀眾「成為」觀光客的過程繁複與因素多元,因此,當觀光局試圖「介入」此轉變時,必須深入瞭解電影呈現目的地特色的方式、電影建構觀光符號的過程。為此,本研究文本採用觀眾自我表露情感、抒發感想的文體:觀影心得。希望藉了解觀眾對電影的接受面與世界觀的表態,從中釐清電影觀光客的成因。也因此,本研究搭配敘事分析研究法以深入了解此「電影的世界觀」。本研究認為,探究觀影心得所代表的是觀眾的獨特電影世界觀,也是打造成功電影觀光的關鍵因素。本研究期盼以此研究過程,能深入理解電影與觀光之間的關聯,在未來提供觀光局在開發電影觀光、提升觀光效應時貢獻更豐富的瞭解。
In the eyes of film-induced tourists, this is a world where meanings aren’t accumulated through time. This is a world to them history is not the cause yet ignorable. This is a world where the boundaries of reality and authenticity blur through the colors of silver screens. Manipulated, willingly followed, the images within the film dominated the perspectives of film tourists’ to and of the real world. Through that looking glass, the film tourists discover this world through the constructed the images, by the media, by the directors’ cut and formulate a perspective of their own. Thus, the relationship between the film tourists, the real world, and the film itself is a complicated as a personality itself. While the challenges of Film Tourism development in a sense is challenging the perspectives of film tourists on destination sites, this is a notion somewhat contradicting with any given destination’s real attractions. Thus, to fully exploit the potential of Film Tourism, a study between the correlation of film and image is essential, which constitutes this study at that image construction and destination image construction, the correlation between film and tourism. By taking one film, Woody Allen’s “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”, the discussions surround this film with questions on the relationships between film and tourism, taking the aim in benefiting for film tourism development, this study discusses how the images form by the film medium, the images circulating within the society, and how the film image influences destination images.
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