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Titel: 臺灣赴歐青年志工之旅遊實踐與反思現代性研究
Tourism and Modernity: Taiwanese Volunteers’ Travelling Experiences in Europe
Autoren: 葉秀燕
Yeh Hsiu-Yen
Lin Hsiang-Pin
Stichwörter: 志工旅遊
volunteer tourism
imaging Europe
serious leisure
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Zusammenfassung: 本研究以臺灣國際志工生活在歐洲的居遊敘事為縱軸,並且運用認真休閒(serious leisure)、移動性(mobility)與反思性(reflexivity)之觀光休閒及社會學論述為橫軸,以交疊鋪陳出當代臺灣青年跨國移動當志工的現代性意涵。本文除了從認真休閒及跨國移動的面向切入探討臺灣赴歐志工旅行經驗,同時亦分析其透過在地居遊實踐所形構與體現的「歐洲感」(sense of Europe)。研究的取徑採質性訪談為主、文本分析為輔,除了以10名曾經居遊歐洲的臺灣青年志工為主要報導人,亦將國內三本與歐洲志工經驗相關的書籍納入資料分析的範疇內,以與訪談所得內容相互補足及參照。 近年來,臺灣青年以志工身分從事的跨國旅行活動逐漸蔚為潮流,無論是參與各個非營利組織的服務團隊亦或大專院校的服務性社團,甚至是自行尋找海外的志願服務機會,青年對於國際志工行動的投入漸增,遂形成一股不容忽視的新興旅遊趨勢。臺灣青年對於志工旅行的熱衷,展現了認真休閒論述所要強調之休閒活動中的積極性意義。在臺灣青年旅人的心目中,志工旅遊不單只是一種放鬆或享樂的過程,從事國際志工居遊行旅的重要意涵在於,他們能以在地人之姿深入當地文化、體驗其特有的「歐洲感」,同時藉此跨國移動經驗,塑造自我與他者、臺灣與國際社會之間的連結網絡,而該社會文化網絡亦成為形構其移動旅行路徑的關鍵來源。此外,在異鄉的志工居遊實踐,也是使臺灣青年成長蛻變的生命儀式,透過歐洲與臺灣生活體驗之間不斷的異己辨證歷程,而產製對於自我以及原生社會的反思動能。上述對於旅行移動與跨國服務的意義探討,正是本研究的主要貢獻所在。 藉由對國際志工居遊行旅的分析,本研究欲呈現觀光研究的跨領域研究面向,並期望臺灣赴歐青年志工的旅遊現代性論述能在臺灣作為亞太現代性之相關議題上,提供另一視野的理解觀點與個案研究。
Implying sociological theory of serious leisure, mobility and reflexivity, this thesis aims to explore the profound implication of modernity by investigating contemporary Taiwanese youth volunteers’ travelling and dwelling experiences in Europe. The study also examines how these mobile youth make a ‘sense of Europe’ by encountering locals, embodying places and by everyday practices. In order to analyze the meaning of being a volunteer tourist in Europe, the researcher employs qualitative research methods of in-depth interview and content analysis using 10 youth volunteers’ narratives as main data, together with 3 relevant written texts as supporting contexts. In recent years, international volunteer tourism has turned into an increasingly popular activity among Taiwanese youth people, who seek to embrace the cultural Other and gain personal developments by this kind of alternative tourism. The phenomenon of being an active volunteer tourist helping others shows that Taiwanese young people are becoming much more ‘serious’ toward leisure participation. In other words, doing volunteer tourism is not just for fun or relaxation. Rather these volunteer tourists are in search of cultural immersion, a sense of Europe and inner growth, as well as seeking to build transnational social networks and their own multiple capital. The cross-border serious leisure practice of volunteer tourism provides Taiwanese youth a chance to perform their rite of passage, through which a more reflexive self is significantly stimulated and brought about in order to engage in a dialectical process between Self and Other. With the discussion and analysis of Taiwanese international volunteer tourists’ dwelling-in-travel experiences, this thesis illustrates the interdisciplinary approach of tourism studies. In addition, the narrative analysis of Taiwanese youth mobility and modernity provides a unique perspective for understanding the relationship between tourism and modernity and explores ways to understand youth mobility as a performance of modernity.
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