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Title: 創意與工業遺產的永續發展: 以英國鐵橋谷與德國關稅同盟礦區為例
Creativity and the Sustainable Development of Industrial Heritage: a Multiple Case Study of Ironbridge Gorge in the UK and Zeche Zollverein in Germany
Authors: 劉以德
Yi-De, Liu.
Keywords: 工業遺產
industrial heritage
creative spaces
creative spectacles
creative tourism
Ironbridge Gorge
Zeche Zollverein
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract:   近十年來,文化觀光市場的扁平化,體驗經濟當道,伴隨著創意概念而興起的相關發展策略,如創意產業和創意城市等,成為全球城市及文化觀光景點的熱門選擇。本研究遂探討文化資源稀少的後工業城市,如何將工業遺產的活化策略,結合學者Greg Richards提出的創意空間、創意奇觀與創意觀光三種發展模式,來塑造城市與遺產的獨特性,並在全球市場中保有相對的競爭優勢。   筆者以英國鐵橋谷與德國關稅同盟礦區為例,蒐集個案與體驗經濟相關的活化證據,分析在不同的歷史脈絡、資源規模及政治環境等條件下,三項創意模式同工業遺產結合的規畫要點,包括空間與實體建物、工業文化資源與社區居民的運用,了解三項創意模式搭配進行的操作方式。接著,經由跨個案的比較之後,試圖建構出一個客觀、以證據為基礎,且能普遍適用於其它工業遺產的「創意活化框架」,來了解創意、觀光與地方發展的關係,工業遺產於地方發展所扮演的重要角色,以及促成工業遺產永續發展的關鍵。
In recent decades, the problems of cultural tourism and the raise of experience economy making the ideas of creativity, such as creative industries and creative city, become popular strategies to many cities and cultural attractions in the world. Therefore, this paper aims at discussing how to combine the creative turn: creative spaces, creative spectacles and creative tourismintroduced by Greg Richards with the adaptive-reuse of industrial heritages, to assist the post-industrial sites in shaping uniqueness and maintaining competitive advantages in the global market. Taking Ironbridge Gorge from the UK and the Zeche Zollverein from Germany as two cases, the research is based on the evidences related to experience economy, to discuss how to organize the unused spaces, cultural resources and local community of the post-industrial cities in different social and politics contexts. After the cross-case study, the author will build up a creative framework of industrial heritage to reexamine the important role of industrial heritages to the post-industrial cities and to conclude the crucial points to the sustainable development of industrial heritage.
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