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Title: 二手市集作為節慶活動的城市影響─里爾大型二手市集
Influences of the Second-hand Market as a Festival Event: La Braderie de Lille
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-I
Lee, Li-Hsin
Keywords: 節慶觀光
Event Tourism
Second-hand culture
Influences of the event
Flea market
La Braderie de Lille
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 文化觀光是近代中,一種結合「文化」與「觀光」的新型態觀光模式,它不僅讓在地文化有向世界表現自己的機會,也透過觀光增加經濟方面的收入。且越來越多觀光客會選擇參加文化觀光活動中的大型活動、藝術節、節慶等,經由體驗節慶,感受當地人的生活及文化。 在法國,比起南法的蔚藍海岸,北部一直被認為是個氣候不是很好的地方,每到夏日假期,大家紛紛往南邊渡假,吸引不到觀光客的到來。但里爾市(Lille)位於北部-加萊海峽區(Nord-Pas-de-Calais)的,且於西元2016年法國合併區域時與皮卡第區(Picardy)合稱為上法蘭西大區(Hauts-de France),曾經為法國重要的紡織大城,在經過經濟蕭條時代後依然存在的傳統大型二手市集(La Braderie de Lille)。隨著時間的發展,從一個當地的習俗活動,漸漸演變成具有節慶形式的觀光活動,每年吸引將近兩百萬的人潮,在經濟上有很大的助益。然而,如果只朝著這個目的發展下去,可能使節慶過度導向觀光,失去本身的真實性,造成當地居民對這個文化的認同感下降,甚至是失去。對於環境來說,人們製造的垃圾更是龐大的汙染。因此,本文將以里爾大型二手市集為研究對象,探討它本身的二手文化以及作為節慶觀光中所會產生的經濟、社會文化以及環境方面的影響及如何去面對。
Culture Tourism is a type of tourism that is combined with “culture” and “tourism”. It is not only an opportunity to let the local culture be shown to the world but also get the economic incomes through the tourism. Besides, more and more tourists choose to participate the festivals, mega-events, art festivals and other cultural activities in order to experience the local life and culture. That is called “Event Tourism”, one type of Culture Tourism. In France, unlike the region La Côte d’Azur, the northern part of France is always considered with the bad weather. People go south during the summer vacation, not the north. However, located in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Haut-de-France since 2016), there is a traditional cultural activity in Lille city, successfully attracting the tourists at the end of the vacation. It is called La Braderie de Lille, a kind of flea market in France. Following the development of the centuries, it changes from a normal city custom to a well-known festival event which has nearly two million tourists every year and gain the economic benefit to the city. Although La Braderie de Lille will bring the economic advantages, as a festival event, it is possible to tend to the tourism-oriented, then lose the authenticity of the activity and even lead to disappear the local people’s identity of the culture. To the environment, plenty of pollution will be created during the event. Thus, this research will focus on the three parts of the impacts of event tourism, including economic, social cultural and environmental versus the second-hand culture of La Braderie de Lille.
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