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Title: 由黑暗觀光與博物館實踐探索柏林猶太博物館
An Exploration of Jewish Museum Berlin from Perspectives of Dark Tourism and Museum’s Practices
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-i
Tong, Xinjie
Keywords: 德國
dark tourism
educational programs
Jewish Museum Berlin
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 在傷痛轉眼化成往事的年代裡,記住歷史已不是德國人道德義務的全部,傳承和教育成為了與記憶緊密相關的另一個重要使命。論及德國集體記憶的形塑,不得不提的現象即是猶太博物館數量的成長與發展。博物館作為遺產觀光吸引物最普遍的一種形式,其教育功能日益得到重視,能夠開展形式多樣的非正式教育,與學校的正式教育達到相輔相成之作用。涉及棘手遺產的博物館若想開展富有吸引力卻不偏離其情感基調與深刻意涵的教育項目,便成了一場頗具意義的挑戰。 筆者以德國柏林猶太博物館為例,透過文獻的分析和田野調查的觀察訪談等途徑進行質性研究。在回溯博物館歷史沿革和空間拓展的過程中,發現了上世紀三十年代由博物館前身的興衰而埋下的那顆責任種子,重點討論它為何在五十年後才破土重生發展成今日之茁壯模樣。隨後反思以往學者區分黑暗觀光吸引物的方式,並從供給面的角度分析柏林猶太博物館的複雜性,建構個案所特有的黑暗性格模型。在明暗有別的基礎之上,筆者引入冷熱交融的概念標示館方採用的各種詮釋手法。最後討論擁有黑暗性格的博物館如何進行自我定位,運靈活運用各類教育項目滿足不同觀眾的需求。
Although the trauma becomes the past, remembering the historical guilt is not the only moral obligation of Germen people. Inheritance and education are some other continued efforts linked with their memory. When it comes to German collective memory, the bloom and heterogeneity of Jewish Museums in Germany is the phenomenon which could not be ignored. As one of the most popular attractions of heritage tourism, museum gradually focuses on its educational function, gains the ability to promote the informal education and supplements the formal education of schools. So it’s a meaningful challenge for those museums under the topic of the difficult heritage to launch some fascinating and profound educational programs. Taking Jewish Museum Berlin as the single case, the qualitative research is based on the approach of documents analysis and observation and interview during the fieldwork. Along the course of change and development of Jewish Museum Berlin, the origin of the historical responsibility is going to be found. Then the emphasis will be laid on the reason why the museum had experienced fifty-year hibernation and how it becomes today’s like. After the reflection of the former differentiations of dark tourism attractions, the author will analyze the complexity of Jewish Museum Berlin and build up a dark character model of this case. The notions of temperature such as cold and warm will be introduced into the model in order to mark different ways of interpretations in this museum. The museum’s positioning will finally be discussed so as to think about using proper educational programs to meet the needs of varied visitors.
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