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Title: 臺灣旅客之歐洲文化想像與旅遊動機
A Study on the European Cultural Imagination and Motivations of Taiwanese Tourists
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-I
Keywords: 文化想像
Cultural imagination
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 為了瞭解文化想像、旅遊動機和生活風格三者間關聯,以去過歐洲進行觀光旅遊活動之10位臺灣旅客為研究對象,先從「旅遊動機」為起點,分析旅客們出發前往歐洲旅行的推力,及歐洲擁有什麼樣的拉力將他們拉至當地。在「文化想像」方面,臺灣旅客對歐洲的文化想像從何生成,而歐洲在他們想像中的形象為何,並如何影響他們選擇凝視歐洲體驗和遊覽。至於「生活風格」則從旅客們各自持有的生活美學,使得他們怎麼品味歐洲風情,並經由旅行中習得和感受的美學體驗後,怎麼呈現轉變後的生活風格。 本研究發現受訪者各自對歐洲的文化想像影響了10位受訪者旅遊的動機和凝視的歐洲景象,除經由實際的體驗後,強化或釐清受訪者旅行前的部分的想像觀點,從旅遊時的實際反差體驗讓旅客得以去比對和評價,他們會將歐洲與臺灣社會現象比較且進行反身性思考,也肯定歐洲的生活風格並嘗試篩選出適合自己的生活方式後去實踐。研究結果反映出臺灣對歐洲的主流文化想像影響了旅遊偏好、觀光凝視與體驗,10位旅客的旅遊模式偏向為臺灣旅遊歐洲的主流型態。
In order to understand cultural imagination, motivations, lifestyle and their relations, 10 Taiwanese tourists who visited Europe are interviewed and their travel experiences in Europe are analyzed.The discussion starts from their initial travel motivation, the push and pull factors of Europe, and how the above mentioned factors influence their decision to visit Europe. Afterwards, important issues such as where the cultural imagination of Europe derived from, how Europe were perceived in the mind of these Taiwanese tourists, and how these influence their ways of sightseeing in Europe were discussed. As for the part of lifestyles, based on the fact that lifestyles are always associated with tourists’ own life aesthetics that they experience and taste “Europe”, and how these experiences transform them or their life. The thesis discovers that the individual imagination these tourists have greatly influenced their travel motivation and sites selecting. After the European experience, they verified or disproved their assumptions that might already have deep roots in their minds. By comparing Europe with Taiwan, they are able to think reflectively and retrospectively, and then further confirm the lifestyles they observed in Europe and then try to carry it out in Taiwan. The final results of this thesis show 10 Taiwanese tourists representing the mainstream of cultural imaginations in Taiwan which influence their styles of travel and views on the traveling preference of Europe.
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