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Title: 節慶之文化社會影響-以里昂燈節為例
Socio-cultural Impact for Festival: A Case Study of Lyon Festival of Lights
Authors: 劉以德
Liu, Yide
Wu, Yi-Syuan
Keywords: 節慶
social impact
cultural impact
creative industries
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討全球化的潮流之下,許多城市尋求將傳統文化節慶轉變為國際藝術節慶,為了下列的幾個原因:刺激當地經濟和相關觀光產業、帶動創意產業及網絡連結在地空間與全球流動空間,增進當地居民的認同和塑造出新的都市意象。政府如何帶動當地居民對節慶的認同感、熱愛以及長期參與,並藉由節慶形成的網絡帶來更多的社會文化影響力,是節慶永續發展所需要面對的議題。 本文以里昂燈節作為個案研究,運用文獻探討、田野調查、以及深度訪談法從政府以及當地居民兩方的視角來探究燈節在注入創意產業之後所帶來的文化社會影響。本文先概述節慶的定義以及評估方式,提供本研究方向的輪廓。再從衡量文化節慶所帶來的影響層面,包括社會影響面向的社會認同、社會資本、社群參與以及意象改變,以及文化影響面向的文化可及性、遺產再現、文化部門的發展以及創意產業發展做深度的討論與分析。冀能藉由法國里昂燈節的個案研究,分析其傳統宗教節慶燈節在產業轉型成為創意人才進駐的藝術節慶所帶來的效益,帶給台灣節慶舉辦的一個參考。
With increasing globalization and international tourism, many cities see opportunities to transform traditional cultural festivals into international art events for several reasons: boosting local economies and tourism-related industries, establishing networks connecting local and international resources, and constructively shaping civic image and identity. This case study uses field work, in depth interviews, and review of of Lyon’s Festival of Lights literature to analyze the impacts of transforming a traditional cultural festival into an art event from the perspectives of government and local residents. Results include two areas of impact : (1) social dimensions: enhancing local sense of individual and civic identity, building new social capital, and enhancement of event participation and volunteer (2) cultural dimensions: growth of cultural participation, heritage representation, and development of cultural sectors and creative industries. These results can provide direction for Taiwan’s development of local festivals to meet social, cultural and economic needs. Key words
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