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Title: 揮之不去的「他」:從全國黨代會論元首神話的實踐、再現與殘留
The Man Lingers: Revisiting Nazi Party Rally as the Practice, Representation and Heritage of the "Führer-Mythos"
Authors: 陳學毅
Chen, Hsueh-I
Yin, Huai-Chun
Keywords: 希特勒
Nazi Party Rally
Triumph des Willens
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 納粹黨作為一個法西斯式的極權政黨,自我形象的經營、宣傳與動員群眾的努力,可以其政治宣傳的核心:「元首神話」(der Führermythos)作為代表——「元首神話」將元首希特勒(Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945)奉為神祇,並為納粹的掌權提供正當性。若要探討納粹主義在20世紀初,如何於發展的同時宣傳自己的意識形態、歷史論述,就必須檢視當時他們如何以極權主義的領袖崇拜為起點建立起特有的「元首神話」;若要分辯納粹黨「元首神話」在戰後乃至今日社會中的樣貌,則必須剖析第三帝國(Drittes Reich)治下以「元首神話」為中心思想的群眾動員極致之作:納粹黨全國黨代會(Reichsparteitag)。 本文以納粹政權的政治宣傳中心:納粹黨全國黨代會為主軸對「元首神話」進行研究,從黨代會電影及黨代會建築——前者主要剖析蘭妮.萊芬斯坦(Leni Riefenstahl, 1902-2003)拍攝1934年納粹黨全國黨代會的記錄片/宣傳片作品《意志的勝利》(Triumph des Willens, 1935),後者則將聚焦位於紐倫堡的納粹黨全國黨代會集會場複合體(Reichsparteitagsgelände)——著手,發現黨代會、《意志的勝利》與集會場複合體分別從集會、電影以及建築方面為「元首神話」服務,並持續以非物質性或物質性遺產的形式發揮影響力。 關鍵字:希特勒、元首神話、黨代會、紐倫堡、《意志的勝利》
Being a Fascist totalitarian political party, National Socialist German Workers’ Party puts a great effort on self-image-presenting, political propaganda, and mass-manipulation. The Führer-Myth (der Führermythos)— the central idea of their political propaganda— focuses on the deification of the “Führer” Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) so as to legitimate the reign of the Third Reich. For the sake of understanding how the Nazi propagate its ideology and historical discourse, one need to examine the way they build the Führer-Myth based on leader-cult; on the other hand, one has to look deeply into the climax of Nazi manipulation of the mass: the Nazi Party Rally (Reichsparteitag) in order to discover the manner of the Führer-Myth in modern times. In order to study the Führer-Myth, this thesis examines the Nazi Party Rally as well as Rally film and Rally buildings— “Triumph of the Will” (Triumph des Willens, 1935), the documentary film of 1934 Nazi Party Rally directed by Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003), and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds (Reichsparteitagsgelände) located in Nuremberg— and uncovers not only their collaboration on constructing the Führer-Myth but also their influences over post-war generations as intangible and tangible heritage of the Führer-Myth. Keywords: Hitler, Führermythos, Nazi Party Rally, Nazi, Nuremberg, Triumph des Willens
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