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Title: 臺灣赴歐洲音樂遊學團之研究—以致凡音樂院夏令營的歷程為例
Study on Taiwanese music study tour to Europe: Experiences of WACH Conservatory of Music’s summer camp as example
Authors: 陳學毅
CHEN, Hsuieh-Yi
CHIA, Han-Chun
Keywords: 歐洲
study tour
music camp
summer camp
learning experience
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 臺灣組團前往國外的音樂遊學營已歷時多年,然國內研究中尚未有一篇專文討論臺灣赴國外之音樂營遊學團。本研究擬涵蓋此領域之研究,但為求內容精確及完整,將研究主題限縮為臺灣前往歐洲之音樂營遊學團,並以歷史悠久的致凡暑期音樂遊學營為例。本研究採質性訪談方式,試圖了解參加音樂營遊學團者之學習經驗,以及音樂營對參加者未來發展的影響。本研究共訪談十位參加致凡音樂營受訪者之取樣採取不同年齡、年度於前往不同國家者,以求研究結果之公正。透過受訪者對遊學過程中音樂課程與生活經歷的敘述,並以遊學經驗相關理論加以分析,本研究整理出臺灣前往歐洲之音樂營遊學團之運作過程、音樂營學員之學習經驗收穫、音樂營遊學經歷對學員未來走向的影響,以及對於音樂營遊學業者及有意願參加音樂營者的建議。
Taiwan’s overseas music summer camp has been in the market for years, but there hasn’t been any academic paper regarding the subject. This research studied Taiwan’s overseas music summer camp by contracting the topic down to the learning experience of Taiwanese students in a summer music camp to Europe. The research revealed the process of Taiwan’s music summer camp to Europe, using WACH Conservatory of Music’s music summer camp as an example. Conducted in qualitative method, the research interviewed 10 students who had attended WACH Conservatory of Music’s music summer camp. To better represent the population, the research has chosen participants of different age group who visited different countries in various years. Through analyzing the discourse of the interviewees with related theories, this research offered an answer to whether Taiwan’s music summer camp to Europe is beneficial to participants’ music ability from the participants’ angle. The rest of the research covered the influence of the music camp on the participants’ future, and the participants’ suggestions to the study tour organizations and the future participants.
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