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Titel: 蓮池大師《阿彌陀經疏鈔》之研究
A Study on “Amitabha Sutra Exegesis” Written by Master Lianchi
Autoren: 林伯謙 博士
王美秀 博士
Vo Minh Tien
Stichwörter: 蓮池大師
Master Lanchi
Amitabha Sutra Exegesis
The Pure Land
Buddha Recitation
Concentration without distraction
Erscheinungsdatum: 2013
Zusammenfassung: 蓮池大師乃明末四高僧之一,其為人篤奉阿彌陀佛,力宏淨土為己任,以樂邦為家鄉,被稱為淨土宗八祖,上下千古最圓純之一人。其淨土思想之教行、風化,可謂承上啟下,繼往開來,創新淨土宗門,至今仍有極大之影響。 蓮池大師之淨土思想,及其實踐修持之主要方法,全體現於疏鈔《佛說阿彌陀經》作品中。其書廣有華嚴之理,禪淨之修,理事之融,天台之教,性相之義。大師疏鈔《佛說阿彌陀經》為頓教,又有分圓之攝,使淨土通於華嚴;又以憶念體究一心念佛,為達摩直指禪宗之修。復以天台三觀之教,一心持名,融而合之。其書以實踐修行者,書中雖言自性彌陀、唯心淨土,吾人靈知靈覺本具之自性,然務必以信願持名,求生淨土為究竟之旨。 本文主要以蓮池大師《阿彌陀經疏鈔》之淨土思想為研究對象,探討其對於極樂世界之看法,及信願行念佛方法之行持與理論,以彰顯《佛說阿彌陀經》之價值。
Master Lanchi was one of the four most eminent monks in late Ming Dynasty. He devoutly believed in Amitabha Buddha, aspired to preach the Pure Land and considered the paradise of the West as his country. He was called the eighth patriach of the Ch’an(Zen) school. His influences on mores and thoughts of the Pure Land sect carried on the past and forge ahead till the present. Master Lanchi’s main method and idea of practice toward the Pure Land were all embodied in his “Amitabha Sutra Exegesis.” It concludes the theory of Huayan school, the conduct of Zen, and the teaching of Tiantai. Amitabha Sutra Exegesis is belonged to not only the immediate teaching but also the complete or perfect teaching of the Huayan and the three studies, meditations, or insights, which are the most general group of Tiantai, combining all into one all-embracing vehicle. Even he mentions the unchanging character of Buddha nature and mind-only Pure Land, however, the first priority must be seek to reborn in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss with undivided and faithful mind to chant the Buddha’s name. The thesis is based on “Amitabha Sutra Exegesis” written by Master Lanchi, discussing his concepts toward The Pure Land, the practice and theory of Dharma-door of Buddha-recitation. We can completely understand the value of Amitabha Sutra manifested by Exegesis written by Master Lanchi.
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